Love, Death + Robots Season 3 to Return With 9 New Episodes, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Love, Death + Robots Season 3 to Return With 9 New Episodes, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Love Death + Robots, Netflix’s highly acclaimed animated anthology series, is returning for Season 3, and the new trailer provides fans a glimpse of what they can anticipate. It includes executive producer David Fincher‘s first step into animation direction. Love Death + Robots has received several awards since its launch in 2019, including twelve Emmy nominations and eleven wins.

Season 2 set the standard high with tales and directing from producers Tim Miller, Simon Otto, and supervising director Jennifer Yuh Nelson. But Season 3 raises the bar even higher.

Trailer for Love Death Robots volume 3 is here

The third season of Love Death + Robots will consist of nine episodes involving mutinous shark-hunting exploits, apocalyptic zombie satire, hyper-evolved Scottish rats, and siren songs that fail to entice a deaf knight to his death.

The first sequel to the anthology series will appear in this third book. It is in the shape of sci-fi author John Scalzi‘s fan-favorite story “Three Robots,” which aired in Season 1.

In addition to the thrilling news that Fincher will direct an episode, Alberto Mielgo who won three Emmys for his episode “The Witness” in 2019 will also return in Volume 3. Joe Abercrombie, Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en), and Carlos Stevens (The Alchemist’s Letter) are among the newcomers to the anthology series.

Full list of episodes and synopsis

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

From famous sci-fi author John Scalzi comes the first direct sequel to Love Death + Robots. Before humanity was wiped out, the iconic trio of droll droids returns for a quick tour of post-apocalyptic human survival techniques.

Bad Travelling

A jable shark-hunting sailing craft is assaulted by a massive crab with an appetite to match its size and intellect. Welcome aboard David Fincher’s animated directorial debut, which features mutiny, betrayal, and ventriloquism with a corpse.

The Very Pulse Of The Machine

In this surreal ode to comic book master Moebius, after an exploration expedition on the surface of the moon, Io ends in tragedy. An astronaut must walk to safety while dragging the body of her co-pilot. And utilizing possibly mind-altering medications to deal with the pain of her own injuries.

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Night of the Mini Dead

In this cutting zombie parody, the apocalypse is hatched. In a cemetery, with some cheeky cemetery romance leading to a walking dead invasion of everywhere – from downtown LA to the Vatican. As we chew, the world is coming to an end.

Kill Team Kill

A ‘roid-raging, adrenaline-fueled troop of US soldiers meets an opponent unlike any they’ve ever fought. The product of a CIA experiment that gets pretty Grizzly. From the Kung Fu Panda 2 director.


Fear, love, and philosophy are explored as two post-human scientists investigate an apparently mindless insectoid race on the farthest frontier. The first-ever movie adaptation of famed Cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling‘s work. Tim Miller writes and directs it.

Mason’s Rats

When they start shooting back, you know you have a pest management problem. A grouchy farmer takes extraordinary measures to deal with an invasion of hyper-evolved rats, bringing the ratpocalypse to Scotland.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

A unit of Special Forces soldiers is to retrieve a captive held by militants deep in the Afghan highlands.  However, the actual threat they must face is an old and deadly deity.


In this reimagining of the ancient folktale of a siren whose singing tempts men to their deaths, fantasy and ambition combine.   However, her sorcery fails to work on Jibaro, the deaf knight, and the Golden Woman becomes enamored with him. A lethal dance between two predators begins.

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Meanwhile, you can stream the first two seasons and the newest season only on Netflix.

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