Netflix Released a Free Episode of ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Season 3 as the First Direct Sequel, Fans Pile Comments With Love for the Series

Netflix Released a Free Episode of ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Season 3 as the First Direct Sequel, Fans Pile Comments With Love for the Series

Among the topmost rated shows on Netflix has to be Love Death + Robots. Over the years, the show has not only been able to get nominated for every award possible, but also has created a huge fanbase of loyal followers. So when you have such high expectations to fulfill, you need to do something great. That’s why with season 3 of Love Death + Robots, Netflix has done something they never did before.

For the first time in the history of the show, they have included a direct sequel to a season one episode and made it available free! Yes, the episode is free on YouTube, and fans are loving it.

Free episode from Love Death + Robots season 3

The events of 3 Robots: Exit Strategies are based on Three Robots, a season 1 episode. In the episode, three titular robots go sightseeing in a post-apocalyptic metropolis.

According to the story, Exit Strategies reunites the same three for another whirlwind tour of post-apocalyptic human survival strategies before mankind was completely blotted out.

John Scalzi (well known for the original Three Robots) has written the episode. It also boasts a slew of new voice performers for the Love, Death + Robots universe.

Viewers will have to wait until Friday to see the remainder of volume 3 of the episodic show. However, the smart pleasures of Exit Strategy will at least make us feel loved (and perhaps deathed, and possibly even roboted) in the meantime.

Fans want more sequel episodes

Fans for sure are loving the free episode. many instantly went on and commented high praises for the previous season of the show and the new episode.

While some of the users on YouTube love the series and called it “the most inspiring.” Others loved the new addition of sequels to the show and wanted more of it.

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One user wrote “I would love if they made more sequel episodes.”

While others mentioned, “This is what we need, we need some sequels to some of the s1 episodes, they were some top tier stuff.”

What do you think? Should the show get more sequel episodes or not? Let us know your answer in the comments.

Stream all 9 episodes of Love Death + Robots season 3 only on Netflix from Friday!

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