You Think You Know Everything About Cobra Kai? Take This Quiz to See if You Actually Do.

You Think You Know Everything About Cobra Kai? Take This Quiz to See if You Actually Do.

If you watch Cobra Kai, you know how much Johnny hates nerds. But it is pretty ironic though that every single person who watches the Netflix series becomes a nerd for the show itself; Johnny will definitely kick us in the face. Anyway, if you believe that you have what it takes to become the ultimate Cobra Kai Nerd, then this is your chance. Prove yourself by taking this Cobra Kai Quiz.

Well, as you know, only the best get into Cobra Kai Dojo. Hence, here too we will have you go through different stages, and it is only after all correct answers that you move to the top. So put on your Gis and get ready for the questions.

Cobra Kai Quiz Level 1: Bert

We hope you are serious about this, cause if you are not, as Bert said, “You are going down, nerd!

  • Complete the following Cobra Kai Creed: “Strike First, Strike Hard, …?”
  • What is the name of Miguel’s mother?
  • When Daniel has his brief trip to the town of Okinawa, which villain does he encounter?
  • What animal is Miguel and Samantha’s relationship mascot?

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Let us see if you passed Level Bert.

So if your answers were No Mercy, Carmen Diaz, Chozen, and Octopus, you have moved up to the next level. Demetri awaits you.

Level 2: Demetri

Now, we all know how smart this young man Demetri is, so you definitely need to impress him to get through to the next level.

  • How many children does Ali have?
  • What is the unique technique that Johnny teaches his students in Cobra Kai Season 4?
  • What is the name of the new kid who joins Cobra Kai in season 4?
  • Who are the two Binary Brothers?

To move on to the third level, your answers have to be: Two (2), Flying Tornado Kick (which Sam used to beat Piper), Kenny, and Demetri & Eli; in that order. And if you didn’t make it to the third round, well, Demetri got something to say to you, “Another week, another pissing contest. Well, shouldn’t be surprised since you love pissing so much.

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Cobra Kai Quiz Level 3: Tory

We are going to make things harder on this level because we have to agree with Tory. “The world shows no mercy. So why should we?

  • What are the only pronouns that Johnny Lawrence uses in his dojo?
  • What is P***s Breath’s real name?
  • What was the name that Bert originally suggested for Johnny’s Eagle Fang Karate?
  • What did Yasmine write on Demetri’s cast?

If your answers were: Sensei & Student, Mitch, Mongoose, and “I love your Big D**K”, then congratulations, you are officially in the big leagues of Cobra Kai fandom. Now, the only thing that stands between you and the win is the founder of Cobra Kai himself, Kreese.

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Level 4: Kreese

Get ready to give the ultimate test of your nerd self because Kreese doesn’t know how to go easy. He believes, “Mercy is for the weak.

  • What are the techniques that Daniel teaches his students in order to anticipate attacks?
  • Whom did Sam face in the semi-finals of the All Valley Tournament?
  • Who got thrown through the window in the LaRusso home invasion?

Your answers have to be: Shochu-Geiko & Kangeiko, Krupa, and Bert. If you got all the answers right, we congratulate you for winning the All Valley Cobra Kai Quiz Championship!

Let us know how you did in the comments below. Want to test your Cobra Kai knowledge more? Take this quiz.

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