Cobra Kai Season 5: Are Stingray, Tory and Miguel Keys to the Events of the Finale?

Cobra Kai Season 5: Are Stingray, Tory and Miguel Keys to the Events of the Finale?

Cobra Kai endings never disappoint. The show hasn’t been a fan-favorite for naught. But season 4 surpassed all with the most intense ending ever. With a powerful ending comes another fierce season. Fans expect season 5 of Cobra Kai to surpass all before setting the stage for the presumed finale in season 6. Here is what we are expecting from the fifth season in terms of plot.

How Stingray is the key to season 5 of Cobra Kai

Up until now, we have seen very little of Stingray. This is, until the season finale of Cobra Kai season 4 on Netflix. The character was practically an insignificant one in his initial appearance in season 2 and disappeared in season 3. Fans did not expect to see much of him in season 4, which makes the Kreese-Stingray-Silver plotline so much more shocking.

No one deserves to be wrongfully convicted for a crime they had nothing to do with. As terrible as Kreese it, this includes him too. Right when Kreese was beginning to get more humane, Silver framed him for beating up Stingray. To take Silver down, Stingray needs to come out with the truth as we know that no one else who is involved will do so.

So essentially this means that the plot of season 5 of Cobra Kai will essentially be dependant on Stingray’s actions. It is from this that we will see Kreese’s character development and Johnny and Daniel’s actions in turn.

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Will we see more of Tory?

We have delved into the families of most of the leading characters of this Netflix Original. For characters like Miguel and Sam, we literally see their personal lives on the screen. On the other hand is Tory. she just showed up one day with no explanations of her background or any information about her family. While Miguel is in search of his father, fans cannot help but wonder if he is somehow related to Tory.

This doesn’t affect the fate of the dojos or take down the super evil man who controls the entire valley and unironically uses the emblem of a serpent. Nonetheless, it is a plotline that fans have been wanting to see for a long time. What are you expecting from Cobra Kai season 5?

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