Who Is Tory’s Dad in Cobra Kai? What Can Tory’s Parents Hold for Season 5?

Who Is Tory’s Dad in Cobra Kai? What Can Tory’s Parents Hold for Season 5?

The return of the cast of The Karate Kid film series as the same characters in Cobra Kai has intrigued the viewers. But, the new generation has also pleasantly surprised the audience. Especially a morally confused character like Tory, who has no real parenting figures to guide her. Although fans know about Tory’s mother, they wonder who is Tory’s dad in Cobra Kai?

Coba Kai has made a name for bringing back old characters. Thus, many suspect some character from the film series might be Tory’s dad. So, let us look at the likely explanations and future scenarios.

Is Tory’s dad a member of Cobra Kai?

Tory naturally fits in the Cobra Kai setup as she checks all the boxes. Thus, many believe Tory has inherited some of the Cobra Kai attributes from her parents. John Kreese and Terry Silver, founder, and co-founder of Cobra Kai, respectively, led the race in the initial seasons. However, season 4 hasn’t specifically showcased any moment where Tory and the other characters bonded.

Fans justified Kreese as Tory’s father because he convinced her to stay at Cobra Kai. But as the series progressed, we saw Kreese’s intentions were different. As for Terry Silver, Cobra Kai has absorbed him, and the series doesn’t hint at any connection between Terry and Tory. However, there are two more options in Mike Barnes and Dutch.

Fans expect Mike Barnes to return for season 5, so the creators could link the characters. But Dutch also makes an interesting case, as we last heard of him in season 2. At that time, he was serving time in federal prison. Tory also has violent outbursts when she doesn’t think rationally, a character trait of Dutch.

Can we expect Tory’s parents to appear in season 5?

We see Amanda LaRusso helping Tory deal with her issues in season 4. Tory’s mother hasn’t appeared yet in the series, but we know she struggles with illness. We also meet Tory’s Aunt Kandace, who wants her mother’s disability paycheck. Tory defends herself, but Kandace gets into her head when she brings up the custody battle of Tory’s brother.

Thus, we will have to wait and see whether her mother gets better, or the show introduces her father or a new relative. The creators can also introduce an old character as Tory’s relative.

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Let us know in the comments if you have any theory about Tory’s parents in Cobra Kai.

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