Is Home Team Based on a True Story? Check the Details on Sean Payton

Is Home Team Based on a True Story? Check the Details on Sean Payton

Home Team will hit Netflix on January 28, 2022. The film focuses on NFL head coach Sean Payton and its trailer has given us a glimpse of the heart-warming and hilarious movie featuring Kevin James and Taylor Lautner.

Is it based on a true story?

Football fans would surely know of “Bountygate”. It was in 2012 when the New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal took place. Members of the New Orleans Saints team of the NFL (National Football League) were accused of paying crush-for-cash “bounties”, i.e., paying bonuses for injuring players of the opposite team.

As a result, many players were mass suspended and fans saw many federal court hearings and litigations. Among the 27 members that were suspended, there were Gregg Williams, Michael Ornstein, Joe Vitt, and Sean Payton.

Payton was a former player of the New Orleans Saints and later became the head coach of the same team. The man had a lasting marriage with his former wife, Beth Shuey, that lasted more than 2 decades before they parted ways in 2014. The two have a daughter and a son.

When his suspension finally gave him time off his job, Payton spent it all coaching his son’s football team. The purpose of this was to mend their father-son bond while the coach does what he does best. This is the aspect of Payton’s life that Home Team on Netflix focuses on.

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Fan reaction to Netflix’s Home Team

Being an Adam Sandler production, fans expect this movie to be hilarious, and as far as we can see from the trailer, it certainly seems to be. But one thing fans seem to be very disappointed about is the glorification of Sean Payton, who was, in fact, in the wrong.

Then comes the issue fans have with Kevin James playing Payton.

Others believe that casting James as Payton adds to the film, which is supposed to be a feel-good comedy.

Despite the number of problems, Home Team on Netflix is a film all fans of football must watch.

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