‘’You just kinda like, dumped him’’: Watch Meghan Thee Stallion Be the Best Advocate for Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler’s ‘Stranger Things’ Romance

‘’You just kinda like, dumped him’’: Watch Meghan Thee Stallion Be the Best Advocate for Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler’s ‘Stranger Things’ Romance

Seasons have passed but Stranger Things fans will never forget the magic and butterflies that Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington made us feel. The fan wars between Nancy and Jonathan fans and Nancy and Steve may cause a forest fire on social media. While hosting the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Thee Stallion made it very clear whose side will she be on. Social media platforms are filled with posts about Jancy and Stancy. On one hand, Stancy fans are utterly heartbroken with the way Nancy got all lovey-dovey with Jonathan while Steve was taking care of the kids. Meanwhile, Jancy stans’ support for their favorite couple is full throttle.

On her appearance at Jimmy Fallon’s show, the actress looked breathtaking. While they were tons of questions, Meghan did not waste any time asking Natalia the important questions. Find out what Natalia Dyer has to say about Nancy’s relationships.

Meghan Thee Stallion puts her on the spot

Despite not having watched the show, Jimmy Fallon knew a lot about Jancy and Stancy. The fan wars are everywhere. Being the ambassador of the Stancy ship, Meghan Thee Stallion wasted no time in admitting she is team Stancy. What happened next had fans gasping for air. She questioned Nancy on how she just dumped him out of nowhere. Meghan further backed up Steve saying how he’s out there babysitting the kids and saving everyone’s life. Additionally, talking about her character, the Stranger Things actress did say that she feels her character does not make the morally right decisions at all times. Meghan justified it by saying that Nancy is a hot girl. However, things did not end there.

The Her singer also pointed out how Nancy was flirting with Steve again in the latest season of Stranger Things. To that Natalia jokingly replied that “I have options”. While we are still guessing whether Nancy is Steve or Jonathan’s gal, Natalia, Meghan, and Jimmy had another important debate. And the topic of the debate was ketchup or mustard. While the girls were team ketchup, Jimmy stood his ground and chose mustard.

Who will Stranger Things’ Nancy end up with?

While we are vouching for both Jonathan and Steve, there is still more to Nancy. She is in high school and is out there fighting monsters. So while there are high chances that she might get together with Steve, fans just want Nancy to be happy. Stranger Things is also well known for its character development so we can have high hopes. And Natalia agrees that Nancy needs a little ‘me’ time.

And if you still have more opinions on Jonathan vs Steve, you can also read our in-depth piece on Jonathan vs Steve. Let us know in the comments, which team are you on.

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