Jonathan Byers vs Steve Harrington: ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Divided Over Nancy Wheeler’s Treatment of Jonathan in the Script

Jonathan Byers vs Steve Harrington: ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Divided Over Nancy Wheeler’s Treatment of Jonathan in the Script

Stranger Things has been one helluva show. As fans wait for the fifth episode to draw the curtains over the show finally, they still aren’t able to get over the mishaps of season 4. No show can ever win the hearts of fans in all aspects. The Netflix hit with its latest season gave rise to many lingering stories that are yet to meet their ends.

One of them revolves around our young adults, Nancy, her ex, Steve Harrington, and her present love interest/partner, Johnathan Byers. All seem to be having an on-and-off relationship among themselves. Trending on Twitter, the whole fandom is divided and in an uproar about this love triangle. Let’s tell you the whole story.

The rift between the Stranger Things teams deepens

During the initial seasons, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington were the high school sweethearts we all shipped for. But as things fall apart, Nancy’s gradual inclination towards Jonathan, who happens to be Will’s brother, leaves “the king of Hawkins high” all alone. No doubt we’ve all seen massive growth in his character. But Jonathan is no less either. His fans love him for his genuineness, while we all deeply empathize with Steve. Recently fans of both the characters have taken to Twitter, supporting their white hats over a script.

The script is of the van scene where Steve opens up to Nancy about his naive but sweet little dream of a “brood of Harringtons.” As Nancy’s interest grows, they lock eyes for a brief moment, and the script ends with, “Jonathan who?” This has infuriated Jonathan’s stans as it should. He is a real angel and doesn’t deserve less, while Steve’s sweethearts have been rooting for this scene as they’re really happy the old couple share this insignificant but sweet, intimate scene after so long. Some fans also think Nancy should be with neither of them.

What can be a solution to this tense situation?

As the riot between the two teams has gone this far, season 5 of Stranger Things needs to come up with a permanent solution for this. But given the situations where none of the characters is wrong, it seems the three of them will be better off alone.

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It’s highly anticipated that Nancy is mature enough to choose it for herself. However, young adults will have a tough time making amends with this issue. Someone’s certainly getting their heart broken, but can we expect a better angle to solve the issue?

While this remains for the next season, stream all seasons of Stranger Things and tell us what you think about the triangle!

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