“You are the worst mom” – Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed How Her Mother Is the Real Reason Behind Her Love for Cars

“You are the worst mom” – Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed How Her Mother Is the Real Reason Behind Her Love for Cars

Sydney Sweeney and her love for cars come up now and then in her interviews. It more likely happens because of the TikTok page of the 25-year-old, where she posted the detailed restoration of her car, which she did herself. This fact about the actress seems fascinating to a lot of people, and hence she is questioned about it now and then when she goes to a talk show.

About a year ago, she appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where Corden asked her the real reason behind her love for cars. To which the actress revealed that when she got her permit at the age of 15 and she was driving one day with her mom, who asked her to stop the car and change the tire when they got a flat tire. She revealed to Corden, “I am screaming and crying and saying, ‘you are the worst, mom’ but I had to change the tire.” And that is how the Everything Sucks actress fell in love with cars.

This wasn’t the first time Sweeney talked avidly about her love for car restoration. The Euphoria actress has revealed her love for the mechanics in several interviews. She has even said that her love for cars comes at a cost and that she can own one only if she has fixed it. While all of this was very surprising, the actress had more to add to her story.

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Receiving tough love as a kid made Sydney Sweeney repair a car

The White Lotus actress is from the small town of Spokane in Washington. Growing up in a small town, the upbringing of the actress was different from the city kids. She mentioned to the British host the tough love from her mom is what made her learn and eventually fall in love with cars. The 25-year-old mentioned that her mom only allowed her to drive a manual car.

Moreover, the Sharp Objects actress had just started working on her car, a 1969 Bronco, and it was a topic of discussion. She told Corden and her fellow guest Daveed Diggs about how she changed the brakes, transmission, and the whole interior of the car.

The Everything Sucks star also mentioned that the bond she had with her mother was a type of hate relationship that gradually learned to appreciate. And that is the story of the Sharp Objects star falling in love with cars.

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