“She looks like that girl from Euphoria” – When TikTok Mistook Sydney Sweeney as That Girl From ‘Euphoria’

“She looks like that girl from Euphoria” – When TikTok Mistook Sydney Sweeney as That Girl From ‘Euphoria’

As Emaline Addario, a high school senior with a penchant for trouble in Everything Sucks, as a righteous Eden Blaide in The Handmaid’s Tale, and as Alice who is bound to a psychiatric ward in Sharp Objects, Sydney Sweeney becomes one with the world she is put in. However, the masses were only acquainted with Sweeney’s talent in HBO Max’s Euphoria. Cassie’s character could be written off as that of a dumb blonde, it is, however, the cathartic performance of Sweeney that makes the character memorable.

The series and Sweeney’s character became a social media favorite. So much so that the audience was left gobsmacked when they got to witness how dynamically charismatic she was through her interviews. This led to the actress being mistaken as her Euphoria character on TikTok.

Sydney Sweeney will always be Cassie from Euphoria

You know an actor has delivered a stellar performance, when the audience remembers them as their character. This was the case with Sydney Sweeney on TikTok. The actress, much like most of Gen Z, posted a video of herself on the engaging platform. She was restoring the 1969 Bronco that she had purchased. Her video blew up on TikTok not because people were impressed by her mechanical skills but because they thought she was a mechanic that looked like Sydney Sweeney. “She looks like that girl from Euphoria,” many commented on her video.

The Euphoria actress was in a full-fledged mechanic gear with a dungaree and gloves as she masterfully revamped her antique sweetheart. It is understandable why many viewers could not believe that the same Sydney Sweeney, who was aggressively doing her beauty routine at  4 am in the morning, would be fixing cars.

How she restored the Ford 1969?

It was not only a one time thing that the actress filmed of herself looking pretty while fixing her car. The 1969 Ford has always been a dream as reported by GQ Britain. Furthermore, Sweeney tracked her progress as she brought her dream car back to life on TikTok.

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Through her excellent mechanical work the actress proves she is not a one-trick pony. Unlike most people her age, Sweeney has a passion for vintage cars. And the Ford 1969 that she got up and running on her own is her most priced collection.

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