Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed Her Passion for Vintage Cars, but It Comes at a Cost

Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed Her Passion for Vintage Cars, but It Comes at a Cost

Sydney Sweeney is arguably one of the most talented rising stars of the present time and her love for cars is not news to her fans. The 25-year-old is a full package of beauty, brains, and hard work. Among her many skills, apart from acting, are her being a professional martial arts fighter, possessing a business degree, and also doing pottery in her free time. But one of her hobbies is something hard to believe she might have.

Sweeney has a hobby that none of us knew about until her TikTok videos and subsequent interviews. This hobby, which is in fact a passion of the Spokane Native, is her undying love for vintage cars. And this is not something that she admires from a distance; this small-town girl is also a trained mechanic. Her passion for vintage cars does not abstain from her collecting them. However, she has a rule before she sets her eye on a vintage model.

Apparently, the Euphoria star likes only those vintage cars that she fixes up herself. Sweeney revealed to Harper’s Bazaar last year that she buys rare, vintage models, and repairs the cars herself using fresh components she finds online. The White Lotus star has proven the myth wrong by mastering one of the manliest considered professions.

She even has a TikTok account called “syds garage” dedicated to repairing cars. But a question that hits her fans naturally is whether it is a recent hobby or if it was introduced to her in her childhood.

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Sydney Sweeney initially wanted to be a race car driver

The Everything Sucks star was introduced to cars through her babysitters. Her babysitters used to be two twin sisters who were also race car drivers; hence, the actress was introduced to cars and racing too early in her life. So much so that it gradually became her dream to become a race car driver as she grew up.

Although life had different plans for her and she ended up in the acting business, The White Lotus star has not let her passion for cars die. She also loves challenges and believes in pushing her limits. Sweeney said to Bazaar, “I think people just have to not be afraid of putting themselves in a male-dominated environment.”

People like Sweeney prove to the world out there that a human can do anything if they decide to. Let’s see if this multi-skilled star reveals yet another talent of hers in the future and makes her fans fall in love with her all over again.

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