Why Does Sydney Sweeney Love Cars So Much? The Actress Once Revealed the Real Reason Behind It

Why Does Sydney Sweeney Love Cars So Much? The Actress Once Revealed the Real Reason Behind It

Sydney Sweeney is a multi-talented human being who would show up with diverse talents now and then and shock her fanbase. One such talent of hers is her passion for cars—not just collecting them but also fixing them. Her undying love for cars is no news to the people who know her. But how did she develop such a deep interest in cars?

The Euphoria actress once revealed that she has always loved cars and has a particular fondness for vintage ones. But the 25-year-old has barely taken a break since she walked into the show business, and hence, she never really started preparing cars until she started working at Euphoria. When I started filming Euphoria, I wanted to do something on my off time,” Sweeney revealed during a sitdown with GQ in January 2023.

The Spokane native very well utilized her off time, reeling into the passion she had for a long time. The most important part is that she did not leave it in between and finished fixing up the whole car. In fact, she had a dedicated TikTok account for this hobby of hers, where she posted a detailed video of her fixing the four-wheeler. But how and where did she get the place to fix the car?

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Where did Sydney Sweeney fix her car?

The White Lotus actress owns a 1969 Bronco, which she fixed herself. Previously, one of her fans commented on the video on her TikTok account, explaining how watching her fix cars looked incredible, further raising the question of how she got started with this hobby in the first place.

In reply to it, she mentioned that she has been in love with cars forever and has a major passion for vintage four-wheelers. Moreover, her best friend’s dad, Rod Emery, builds and restores classic Porsche, which was the cue for the actress to sign up. He was the one who provided her with space and helped restore her Bronco.

The Everything Sucks actress also mentioned that she changed almost everything in the car, including the transmission, brakes, and its entire interior, and made it good as new. It revived the interest of the 25-year-old while restoring the car to a top shape.

It seems impossible to believe that this is the same girl who was once so embarrassed by the old car her grandparents gave her that she used to leave keys in it so that someone would steal it. But her TikTok account is sure give us a reminder when we forget about this talent of hers.

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