“…hoping someone would steal it”- When Sydney Sweeney Revealed Why She Wanted to Get Rid of a Car Gifted by Her Grandparents Back in Hometown Spokane

“…hoping someone would steal it”- When Sydney Sweeney Revealed Why She Wanted to Get Rid of a Car Gifted by Her Grandparents Back in Hometown Spokane

Being a small-town girl, it was not easy for Sydney Sweeney to fit into the big-city culture. And the same thing happened to her when she set out to try her luck in Hollywood. Without a godfather in there, she had to struggle a lot to get her first role while she drove around a car that her grandparents gifted to her, but once she landed it, the 25-year-old never looked back.

She got her first role as Emaline Addario in Netflix’s Everything Sucks, but her big breakout role was Cassie Howard in Euphoria, for which she also got an Emmy nomination. Sweeney is currently starring in all big-league movies. But before she entered established herself in Hollywood, she had to drive around a car she desperately wanted to get rid of, a car her grandparents gifted her.

Why did Sydney Sweeney want to get rid of her grandparents’ car?

Sydney Sweeney is originally from Spokane in Washington. At a very young age, she convinced her parents through a business plan presentation that she wanted to make her career in Hollywood, and after that, her whole family moved to Los Angeles to support her. The shift was not easy on her as she constantly tried to fit in with her peers in LA. Sweeney talked about how her other classmates used to come to the college in expensive cars while all she had her grandparents’ old Volvo, which was embarrassing for her. It was so old that its oil used to spill everywhere and the Sharp Objects star had to put cardboard on its floor to prevent oil from spilling.

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Although she was extremely grateful to her grandparents for letting her have their car, she mentioned in her 2022 Cosmopolitan interview, “I would leave the keys in the ignition hoping someone would steal it so I could take the insurance out on it.” Surprisingly, nobody did that. Her car wasn’t the only thing that embarrassed her.

Sweeney doesn’t like her earlier works

While talking about her life before making it big, she said that she cringed over anything she did before Everything Sucks! and Sharp Objects. She doesn’t like recalling that time, pretending that it was a whole different person. The White Lotus actress mentioned that she had blacked out the time she had been in high school. Moving to LA was a huge transition for thing young girls. She found the LA people and their values way different from that of people back home.

Today, that younger girl is working with international billionaire production houses such as Marvel and Sony Pictures and her parents can be no prouder. You will soon see her in MCU’s Madame Web with Dakota Johnson.

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