Wrexham Co-owner Rob McElhenney Notices Things No One Did in the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman ‘Deadpool 3’ Video

Wrexham Co-owner Rob McElhenney Notices Things No One Did in the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman ‘Deadpool 3’ Video

Sometimes, some people observe things that ordinary people can not. And the observation of these people helps with the unique or hidden discoveries in that particular thing. Something similar happened to the joint owner of Wrexham club, Rob McElhenney. He observed something in the announcement video of Deadpool 3 by Ryan Reynolds, which shocked him and left him with immense happiness.

Most of you might have watched this barely one-and-a-half-minute clip more than twice. Ryan is famous not just for his acting but his fabulous sense of humor. And in the same manner, he announced his upcoming film. But what details did his club Wrexham’s co-owner, Rob McElhenney, spot?

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Rob McElhenney observes minute detail in Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds

Being the owner of a huge football club and hanging in the show business for years, both the owners of Wrexham club know the importance of promotion. Now, if you look closely, at 24 seconds in the announcement video, Ryan is wearing a cap. And, on that cap can be seen the logo of Wrexham. According to The Leader, Co-chairman Rob McElhenney was delighted that Ryan made sure the club appeared in the advertisement. The tribute might be unnoticed by those who do not follow the game, but it is impossible that it did not catch the eye of die-hard fans.

Both the actors purchased the Welsh football team in 2020. However, Ryan confirmed on his Youtube channel that he has been working on the upcoming film for a long time now. After all, this film franchise gained the actor’s fame and recognition. In fact, the number of hit films done by Reynolds includes the Deadpool films.

In fact, Fans are also delighted by the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Wolverine, played by the actor in the X-Men film series, was his breakthrough role. Similar to Ryan, these roles made Hugh Jackaman gain recognition. Therefore before the surprise revelation about his role in Deadpool 3, the 2017 standalone Logan had been touted as his last excursion as the character.

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Watching both actors working together in the third part of the Deadpool film franchise will be fun. Stay tuned for more updates.

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