Wolverine Ignored! Ryan Reynolds Overlooks Hugh Jackman’s Biceps, Praises Trainer Beth Lewis in a Hilarious Twitter Post

Wolverine Ignored! Ryan Reynolds Overlooks Hugh Jackman’s Biceps, Praises Trainer Beth Lewis in a Hilarious Twitter Post

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are both working hard to prepare for Deadpool 3. They are pumping up for their role, hitting the gym to bulk up. Meanwhile, they make sure to keep everyone entertained by mocking each other. Their latest competitive rant had the internet in splits.

The duo pulling each other’s leg is only exciting their followers more to see their on-screen chemistry. So when Jackman took a jibe at Reynolds recently, the latter responded in his own hilarious way.

How Ryan Reynolds made fun of Hugh Jackman for his gym post

The rant between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has kept fans entertained. Jackman recently took to Twitter to show off his gym workout. The tweet said, “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition.” The 54-year-old actor tagged Ryan Reynolds and put a hashtag of his trainer Beth Lewis. But Reynolds made fun of the actor by totally avoiding him and crediting his trainer instead. “Beth Lewis – whatever you’re doing, it’s working! Your arms look incredible,” joked Reynolds.


The two actors often get on social media to mock each other and fans love the bromance between them. While commentators commended them for the work, a lot of them found it hilarious as well. Reynolds had posted before joking about how he is not training for Deadpool 3, but to bear spending months with Jackman.

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Why are the two actors training so hard for Deadpool 3?

Deadpool 3 demands a bulked-up and perfect physique. The Marvel movie is expected to be full of action, which requires great strength as well. The movie is reported to begin shooting only by May 2023, so the actors can prepare until then.

The Free Guy actor thrilled everyone when he announced the news of him and Jackman working on Deadpool 3 together. Jackman’s Wolverine character had already died in the last movie, but he agreed to reprise his role after being persuaded by Reynolds. The Logan star first played Wolverine more than two decades ago and requires matching that look again. For the time being, both actors keep fans updated while keeping them entertained with their antics.

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