“Work in progress” – Ryan Reynolds Claims That ‘Deadpool 3’ Co-Star Hugh Jackman Is the Reason Why He Is Training So Hard

“Work in progress” – Ryan Reynolds Claims That ‘Deadpool 3’ Co-Star Hugh Jackman Is the Reason Why He Is Training So Hard

Ryan Reynolds is working out hard for Deadpool 3. But the actor explained it in a rather funny way about why he is building muscles. The actor who transformed himself from a comedy hero to a superhero did so by bulking up big time. When he finally found success as Marvel’s Deadpool, it secured the sequel, and then the threequel of the superhero.

Playing a superhero even at this stage takes a lot of hard work. The actor is preparing hard for Deadpool 3. But as per him, the reason for his workout is not to bulk up for the movie, but Hugh Jackman. Here is the reason Reynolds mentioned why he worked out.

Ryan Reynolds explains why Deadpool 3 co-star Hugh Jackman is the reason he is working out

Ryan Reynolds made everyone happy when he announced that Hugh Jackman will be joining him in Deadpool 3 to reprise his role as Wolverine. As per The Direct, the actor took to Instagram to share updates from the gym where is working hard to bulk up.

He jokingly put the caption that he is not bulking up for Deadpool 3, but said,I’m training to spend several months with Hugh Jackman — who’s not nearly as nice as everyone thinks.” The movie has reportedly not started its shoot yet since both the actors are still preparing hard to bulk up.

54-year-old Jackman shocked everyone since his character Wolverine had supposedly died in the last movie, Logan. Apparently, Reynolds had to really convince Jackman to reprise his role. But since both of them are friends and Deadpool was a massive success, the two finally sealed the deal. To add to it, people enjoy the banter between the two fans that can often be seen on social media.

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The movie is supposed to release on November 8, 2024. It will be directed by Shawn Levy and be a Marvel group project. While the movie is already far from release, it is reported that the Ted actor has already received a thumbs-up for a fourth installation of the movie. Meanwhile, the banter between the two actors will continue to entertain the fans.

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    February 7, 2023 at 9:16 pm

    Ryan Reynolds is hands down my favorite actor, i work in the city and i cross paths with actors time to time. Paul Rudd was probably the nicest man I met, we spoke about 3 times about Marvel and he would not leak anything and I respect that even though I was busting his chops because after all he is basically the character that got The Avengers back together. He deserves more credit. Anyway as i said before I run into many A list actors and sport icons, some are cool and will hold a conversations with you, some just snub you. YES I know they are people as well but i never went crazy nor star struck by any of them. I will say this for the exception of 3 to 4 movies Ryan Reynolds has done they were all amazing and I think he would be the only actor that I would be STAR STRUCK if i ever had the honor of meeting him….Also I been a huge Deadpool fan from day 1. I have 2 first editions.. and he is the only actor that can pull off Wade Wilson

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