Will Dream Meet With Calliope in ‘The Sandman’ Bonus Episode? Who Exactly Is This Lover of Morpheus?

Will Dream Meet With Calliope in ‘The Sandman’ Bonus Episode? Who Exactly Is This Lover of Morpheus?

A show of hands; who here watched all the 10 episodes of the Netflix adaptation of The Sandman? And who watched it all in a day instead of pacing yourself and now has a Sandman-shaped hole in your life? Apparently, we might just get some more of the beloved Neil Gaiman story sooner rather than later. Evidence shows that there is a secret, The Sandman bonus episode that Netflix hid from us. No, we are not just teasing you, but perhaps the streaming giant is.

Mere hours ago, Netflix uploaded some never-seen-before footage from the live-action rendition of The Sandman. Supposedly by accident. The video has since been made private. But not before many avid fans caught hold of it and saw EVERYTHING. The leaked footage was from the third volume of The Sandman comics titled Dream CountryA Twitter user @swirlingthings also managed to screen grab a few images from the clip.

We have a glimpse of Tom Sturridge as Dream and the Greek-Canadian actress Melissanthi Mahut. Fans speculate Mahut will embody the role of Calliope, one of Morpheus’s former lovers. With the story of Nada still shrouded in mystery, we now have another enigma to demystify in the form of Calliope.

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Who is Calliope from The Sandman bonus episode?

The Sandman volume Dream Country comprises four individual stories with issues #17 through #20. The first story is that of Calliope. Calliope is one of the nine muses from Greek mythology. Inspiration personified, the Greek muse was the former prisoner of a successful novelist Erasmus Fry. Richard Madoc, a frustrated author suffering from a major creative block, strikes a bargain with Fry and gets his hands on the beautiful stimulus, Calliope.

This trope of keeping a muse (almost always a woman) captive was later overused in many story ideas. Finding herself as a prisoner again, Calliope summons the Fates, a holy trinity of witches that leads her to Morpheus. Dream of the Endless, Calliope’s former lover was also a prisoner at that time. Following his release, Dream rescues Calliope and cursed Madoc with infinite ideas that ultimately drive him insane. Dream and Calliope even have a son named Orpheus later in the series.

The fact of the matter is, there is a bonus episode for The Sandman (possibly more) in the Netflix bank and we must see it. Why was it not released with the rest? Also, was the leak truly a mistake or a ploy to cause a frenzy among fans? Only time and Netflix will tell. In the meantime, all we can do is re-watch season one and hope that the streaming giant grants our wishes soon.

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