Who Is Nada in ‘The Sandman’ and Why Was She Banished to Hell?

Who Is Nada in ‘The Sandman’ and Why Was She Banished to Hell?

The Sandman, the live-action adaptation of a comic book, has ended with some unexplored characters and stories. We have yet to see the development of Goldie and many others. One such character is Nada. Nada appears in Hell and asks Dream to forgive her. He doesn’t forgive her and leaves to see the ruler of Hell, Lucifer. Lord Morpheous doesn’t talk much about her, nor is the background to their connection shown in the show. Therefore, those who don’t know the reference to the character from the comics have many questions about her. Let’s find out here.

Who is Nada in The Sandman?

Even though Neil Gaiman has changed some aspects of the original comic series, the adaptation carries the spirit of the source material. A great example of the changes made is Nada. Nada appears in the show’s fourth episode, titled A Hope in Hell. There she meets the lord of Dream and asks for forgiveness so that she can get out of her prison in Hell. However, Dream doesn’t forgive her and leaves.

Sandman #9

In the original source, Nada was one of Dream’s true lovers. Nada was the queen of a tribe named the First People who met Dream 10,000 years prior to her first appearance in the comics and show. They fell in love with each other while she was ruling over her tribe. Nada refers to Dream as Kai’ckul, which is many of the names Dream takes on, just like Morpheus. The first part of their love story is told in the prologue to The Sandman‘s second volume, “The Doll’s House”. The second half of the volume is based on that.

According to the prologue, titled “Tales in the Sand,” an elder of the tribe tells the story of a young woman named Nada and how she searches for Kai’ckul after seeing him once from distance. She finds him in the realm of Dream. Nada confesses her love for Dream but soon realizes he’s one of The Endless who cannot die. Realizing their love is doomed, she goes back to her realm because she’s afraid they can’t live together.

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But Dream follows her to Earth, offering her the title of the queen of The Dreaming. After much discussion, Nada is convinced and they make love, but their union causes a great deal of destruction in her tribe. Realizing this, she refuses his offer and takes her life when Dream continues to try to convince her. Relentless, the Dream Lord follows her once again, making the same offer. But when Nada refuses him again, Dream cannot tolerate the rejection and punishes her. He sends her to hell for eternal punishment, where she has stayed ever since.

This is how they appear on-screen

To adapt the comic into live-action, Gaiman changed some details to keep the narration on track. However, the story of Nada and Dream is the same, but not much is explored. In the episode, when Nada meets Dream again in hell, it displays nothing from the past except for Dream’s explanation to Matthew. Dream can change appearances according to who’s looking at him. Therefore, Ernest Kingsley Junior replaces Tom Sturridge. So, when Nada is looking at the lord of Dreams, she’s actually looking at the person she met for the first time who fell in love with her.

Later in the episode, as Dream’s Raven, Matthew asks him about the woman, he simply says, “She defied me,” and not much. Their story continues in the fourth book of the comic titled “The Season of Mists.” Therefore, there is a possibility of seeing them again if the show gets to the second season.

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