Will Desire and Despair Get More Screen Time In ‘The Sandman’ Season 2?

Will Desire and Despair Get More Screen Time In ‘The Sandman’ Season 2?

Neil Gaiman’s dream finally became a reality when season 1 of The Sandman hit the platform of the California-based streaming service. It is a surprisingly accurate rendition of Gaiman’s saga that ties together several of the most memorable plotlines in one hectic (but never hurried) season. The expansive span of the piece, its delicate dance across genres, its inventive and fully realized characters, and the dependably excellent acting performances, rather than the magnificent graphics, typically produce the most breathtaking moments of the very first season.

And if you have already watched the series, we don’t need to tell you how many loopholes it has left for a potential second season. The final four episodes saw Morpheus aka the king of the dreaming, chasing down the remaining lost dreams and eliminating The Corinthian once and for all. Apart from the king of dreams himself, we also met 4 of the other Endless siblings. Among them, desire and despair instantly caught fans’ interest. Now, if you are wondering if you will get to see more of these two in the potential season 2, here are our speculations.

Will fans get more of Desire and Despair in the potential second season of The Sandman?

The tales of season 1 closely correspond to Preludes and Nocturnes and The Doll’s House, the comic’s first two collected editions. Hence, one may safely assume that Season of Mists can be the largest story arc of season two. Among many things, one can expect to get more of the two notorious Endless siblings, Desire and Despair. Although they got little screen time, the audience certainly had a fun time with them. And this popular storyline from the whole comic run begins with a family discussion.

We saw in a glimpse how Morpheus had banished his first love, Nada, to hell over a small argument. (Yes! He is terrible at handling relationships) And the speculated story arc begins with a clash between Morpheus, Desire, and Despair about his former love interest. Scheming against their sibling, they finally inspire Dream to travel to hell and free Nada. Turns out that Lucifer has grown weary and left Hell, giving the Key to Hell and the Duty of it to Dream. Morpheus obviously has his own domain to control and is unable to rule Hell. As a result, when he returns to The Dreaming, he is met by a number of eternal entities who are all fighting to succeed the current Ruler of Hell.

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This, being the key plot for Morpheus’ character development, we are sure to have more of Desire (Mason Alexander Park) and Despair (Donna Preston). What are your speculations, though? Feel free to jot down your thoughts in the comment section below. Season 1 of this series is now streaming on Netflix.

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