Why Was Regé-Jean Page Called a “Sociopath” by His ‘The Gray Man’ Co-star Jessica Henwick?

Why Was Regé-Jean Page Called a “Sociopath” by His ‘The Gray Man’ Co-star Jessica Henwick?

Ah, spy thrillers. What is it about the genre that gets everyone so excited? Is it the quick-cutting action sequences, the parallel running multiple storylines that constantly build intrigue, or is the psychological warfare between top-tier federal agencies? The answer is all of them. With so much hype around the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man, the spy-action flick is finally streaming on Netflix. While promoting the film, the cast and crew share their experience with filming, the narrative, and character arcs.

Jessica Henwick implies Regé-Jean Page is a sociopath

IMDb recently released an entertaining video clip of the stars and directors of the film as they delve into the process and answer some “burning questions.” When asked “who would rise through the ranks fastest in the CIA?” there seemed to be a popular opinion. Most of them believe it would be ever-so-dreamy Bridgeton star Regé-Jean Page.

“He’s extremely charismatic, and he’s very savvy,” said Joseph Russo, co-creator of The Gray Man. In the same vein, the British actor Jessica Henwick said, “I actually do think it would be Regé.” She then asked Page if that was “bad” or if he was “insulted.” Regé-Jean Page had a sarcastic yet hilarious comeback.No, I’ll take that. I appreciate you subconsciously calling me a sociopath in this broadcasted interview.” Henwick even chuckles and agrees with Page’s assessment of her answer.

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Regé-Jean Page’s character in The Gray Man

Regé-Jean Page plays the corrupt CIA official Denny Carmichael, who, along with subordinate Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick), orchestrates the entire ploy. His character is the one pulling all the strings while slyly not getting his own hands dirty. In the video, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Ryan Gosling reveal their struggle with the fight choreography. Conversely, Jessica Henwick and Regé-Jean Page illustrate their relief at not partaking in the same.

We were chilling. We were straight puppet mastering in the hangar in Long Beach, sipping lattes saying y’all can go run across the world and punch each other in the face. We’re good.” The stars delightfully stayed true to the character even in the interview. Page even added to that by admitting that they “brought the psychological violence.” In an earlier interview at SDCC 2022, Regé-Jean Page compared his own formative years to Eddie Munson from Stranger Things. So isn’t it only fitting that he plays the Master of Puppets in The Gray Man. Get it?

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Do you agree with Jessica Henwick and the Russo Brothers, or do you have another contender who would thrive in the CIA? If you haven’t yet, stream The Gray Man on Netflix and let us know your thoughts.

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