Ana de Armas and Chris Evans Blush and Crack Up as ‘The Gray Man’ Actress Teach Him to Flirt in Portuguese

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans Blush and Crack Up as ‘The Gray Man’ Actress Teach Him to Flirt in Portuguese

It is very unlikely to hear a man like Chris Evans, Captain America himself, doesn’t know how to flirt with women. But then, it is not always what it seems. So, it might be possible that somewhere along the way, Ana de Armas had to teach Evans to flirt in a proper way! The Gray Man stars share these adorable moments with us.

Astonishingly, Chris Evans blushes when Ana flirts with him!

Chris Evans, our Captain America, and Ana de Armas, who’s going to appear as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s upcoming movie, Blond, together worked recently in the Netflix Original The Gray Man, directed by the Russo Brothers. Other stars in the film were the romance king Ryan Gosling and Indian Bollywood star Dhanush. The movie recently streamed. Here, in this video, Chris and Ana are adorable, and fans love them like this.

In 2019, Ana and Chris worked together for the first time in a movie called Knives Out. In an interview at the time, they both shared their experiences of working together. Ana was a little nervous and tensed about working with Evans along with Daniel Craig, aka James Bond. Recently, in the interview for the recent movie The Gray Man by Netflix, these two shared the platform again, and the fans put them together in a video like this.

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The phrase that Ana used in 2109 in Portuguese is “Muito gato” which literally means ‘smoking hot’. Initially, Chirs didn’t understand what she was saying. “I don’t know what it is, but it sounds good,” says Evans. He and Ana, along with the interviewer, burst into laughter.

Now, for their recent movie, in an interview, they remember the moment, and they speak the same term and, of course, they laugh again. As said earlier, it is highly unlikely to see an actor like Chris Evans blushing when someone compliments him. What do you think about this duo? Would you like to see them again? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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