Why Hellbound On Netflix Should Be On Your Watchlist?

Why Hellbound On Netflix Should Be On Your Watchlist?

The Korean century might be upon us with the kind of content the industry keeps churning out. After Squid Game’s massive success just a couple of months back, another K-Drama is making headlines. One question that might bother you is, what makes Hellbound on Netflix special?

The unique plot of Hellbound on Netflix

Monsters from hell deliver judgments, sending people to hell and giving birth to a religious movement based on the concept of divine justice in this Netflix Original series. Creatures from hell kill the ones who have committed sins. The warnings, however, are not harmless; they appear to be rather lethal and have a lingering effect.

While the concept of seven deadly sins destroying humankind is not new to the audience, as David Fincher has showcased the same in “Seven”. But Yeon San-ho has experimented with the idea by adding supernatural creatures and creating a sense of fear among the audience.

Hellbound’s worldwide premiere

On September 9, 2021, the pilot of the series aired at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in the Primetime session of the TV series, making it the first Korean drama to be shown at the festival. The 26th Busan International Film Festival on October 7, 2021, screened the first three episodes in the newly established ‘On Screen’ section.

Hellbound has got your favorite stars

Based on the webtoon by the director Yeon Sang-ho, the cast features Yoo Ah-in, Park Jeong-min, Kim Hyun-joo, and Won Jin-ah. Memorable performances in “#Alive” and “Burning” have kept Yoo Ah-in, in fame.

In addition, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jung-min, and Wong Jin-A also feature in the series in supporting roles. Kim Do-yoon portrays arrowhead and gives a convincing performance of a crackhead.

Yeon Sang-ho: A Critically acclaimed director

Yeon Sang-ho’s previous projects dealt with zombies. So let’s just say he has got enough experience in the supernatural fantasy genre. Hellbound explores the supernatural thriller genre with the director of “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula” at the helm. “Train to Busan” has earned an IMDb score of 7.6 and worldwide appreciation for redefining the zombie genre.

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Netflix released Hellbound on November 19, 2021, and it took the Korean series only one day to surpass Squid Game as the world’s most-watched Netflix series. The 6.8 IMDb rated Hellbound has six episodes which are no longer than one hour each.

Let us know in the comment section what priority will you give to Hellbound on your watch list?

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