A Week Until Money Heist Finale – Brush Up Your Facts on the Latest Happenings

A Week Until Money Heist Finale – Brush Up Your Facts on the Latest Happenings

In just a few days, we will get to see the last episodes of arguably the biggest heist show of all time. The main characters of La Casa de Papel hardly relied on violence in their previous heists; mainly because the plan always worked out. But the notorious Bank of Spain heist has made the violence rather necessary. A lot happened in Money Heist Season 5 Part 1; let’s just have a quick view of all that, before we step into the finale of Money Heist.

Tokyo’s Death and Sagasta’s Unit in Chaos

We have to talk about one of the biggest deaths in television history, which is Tokyo. Season 5 Part 1 of the Netflix Original ended with Tokyo being shot multiple times by Gandia, Sagasta, and other members of the military unit. Each one of us felt as if they shot us with those bullets, and we all lay like dead corpses after watching that gut-wrenching scene.

Well, we received a little relief when Gandia turned the lifeless body of Tokyo over with his boot and discovered 4 pins in her hand, taken out from the grenades strapped on her jumpsuit. It gave him a few fractions of a second, as before Gandia could even yell a warning, his world exploded like a ripe fruit. Sagasta‘s unit also suffered a heavy blow, and it is possible that some of them endured fatal injuries.

Alicia, Victoria, and her wicked plan in Money Heist Finale

As much as we want to believe that Alicia Sierra has changed and is now indeed helping the gang, we just cannot get ourselves to be on board with that idea. The way Alicia goes through the notes of Professor, or the scene where she literally hid a pair of pliers in her sleeves, are factors to help us think otherwise. Meanwhile, she has also given birth to a beautiful little girl, with the help of the Professor and his gang members.

Sierra names the girl Victoria and declares that the girl will be victorious in life and she will be right there with her. The latter part of the sentence raises an eyebrow, as we can calmly see that there is something going on in Alicia’s wicked mind.

Money Heist Finale: Tamayo is on the back foot

With the Professor finally back in control and a connection established again, we see the mastermind pull threads just the way he loves to. He cracks a deal with Tamayo, which is likely to open a very tiny but hopeful window for the gang. While they still do not know how they are going to deal with all the chaos in the bank, this little time is probably good for them.

Berlin, his son, and a pretty disturbing family dynamic

Berlin is a character that all of us love to see. It is just so refreshing to watch him operate in the classic and unpredictable style. But, it is a little weird to see his son Rafael join his team; not that he is not talented enough, but because he has this devilish persona that just never lets us trust him. The look he gave to Tatiana when his father told him, “If you really want something in life, you have to steal it from whoever has it,” is nothing but scary and suspicious.

While a lot has happened in the past 5 episodes of La Casa de Papel, much more can happen in what people are calling the end of the biggest heist. So put on your Salvador Dalí masks, red jumpsuits, and start singing Bella Ciao as we step into the finale of Money Heist on Netflix.

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