When Young Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Was Terrified of Grown Men Dressing Up as Eleven

When Young Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Was Terrified of Grown Men Dressing Up as Eleven

Once Millie Bobby Brown debuted as Eleven on Stranger Things, people just got one more character to dress up on Halloween. Her character of an orphaned telekinetic girl, who can barely form a sentence or two, shot to fame once the series premiered on Netflix back in 2017. Eleven became a pop cultural phenomenon and so did the actress.  But the 18-year-old had once revealed how Halloween could turn a little freaky for her when grown men arrive dressed up as Eleven.

Millie Bobby Brown avoids thinking about grown men dressed up as Eleven 

From an interview back in 2017, a very young Millie opened up about her feelings towards seeing grown men as Eleven on Halloween. Dressed up in an embellished, collared-halter top, the actress looked adorable with the little buns on her head. Millie Bobby Brown quipped that she loves it all, except for grown men dressed as her. 

“But I can’t really like, think about it too much. Cause if I think about it, it freaks me out. Grown men are dressing up as me,” shared the Enola Homes actress. “I think it’s cool, I’m definitely grateful for it. And people are really funny, and I get to see all those videos and pictures,” she added.

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Following that topic, she expressed her love for Halloween and narrated a hilarious story about her Baymax costume. The Stranger Things kids had also celebrated Halloween together that year. While everyone had their own costume planned (even Finn’s weird whoopie costume), Noah and Millie came up with their costume last minute. The result was hilarious as they were half Harley Quinn and half Flash.

Millie may be back on our screens sooner than expected

With the Duffer brothers winding up their show after season 5, it doesn’t mean that fans will have a dearth of Millie content. In fact, the actress will reprise her role as Enola Holmes in the hit movie’s sequel. Filming has already wrapped up, so you can expect the streamer to announce a release date later this year or early next year.  Reportedly, the actress received a hefty paycheck, $10m, for her return to the role!

Are you excited about seeing Millie on our screens again?

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