When ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Went All Chaotic on an Award Stage Unaware of What to Do

When ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Went All Chaotic on an Award Stage Unaware of What to Do

The child stars of Stranger Things have all grown up now, but it was like yesterday when they were too tiny for the mic. While they come off as poised and mature in interviews now, it wasn’t too long ago when they made terrible PG jokes at a marquee event. If they were to see the video now, all of them would want to crawl into a hole! We are pretty sure that Millie would cringe even harder than when she watched her first interview with David Harbour. Here’s the story of how all the Stranger Things stood around a mic at an award function with no clue as to what to do.

Stranger Things stars gather around the mic at SAG Awards like lost puppies 

The Stranger Things cast made their first appearance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards back in 2017. Netflix had only streamed the first season of what was to become a major hit for the streamer. The crowd was lauding the story and the cast, and they had just won the prestigious award for the best performance for an ensemble cast in a drama series. It was a significant event for the show and its stars, but not for the younger crop. 

The OT5 – Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobby Brown were entirely clueless when they were up on stage before the press alone. A confused Millie asked, “What are we supposed to do now?” as the crowd laughed. Their youth was evident as they acted just like kids left alone without parental supervision.

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They fought for the mic to crack some really juvenile jokes. Finn’s classic, “This is childhood proof haha” when Millie was trying to move down the mic to their level and Noah’s My Name is Jeff joke stole the night. However, during all this chaos, Gaten was still adorably fascinated with the award.

Is a spin-off of the hit sci-fi show on the way? 

It’s a well-known fact that the Duffer brothers are wrapping up the show after season 5.  However, the brothers are already developing a spin-off that’s set in the same town of Hawkins. Nothing is known yet. But the thought of going back to Hawkins after wrapping El and co’s story already makes us feel giddy!

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