When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Is Not One of Those ‘Girls Who Dresses Provocatively’

When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed That She Is Not One of Those ‘Girls Who Dresses Provocatively’

Millie Bobby Brown is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses in Stranger Things. The now 18-year-old actress was only 12 during the show’s first season. At a tender age, the young talent played the role of Eleven in Stranger Things. A character with superpowers that has been a subject of an experiment in the Hawkins lab since childhood. Within a few seasons, her acting skills were noticed by everyone and the show’s success opened doors of new opportunities for her.

Given her success, the cast member began giving interviews and making appearances. Though the actress has been in the limelight since an early age, even playing young Alice in Alice in Wonderland. With increasing projects, the limelight only got brighter. One of her interviews was with the biggest fashion magazine, Vogue. She discussed social media and her choice of dressing style. The confident girl has a direct approach, answers frankly, and is not shy to express what she feels.

Millie Bobby Brown on her dressing style and more

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown answered some of our curious questions. She gave an interview with Teen Vogue for Teen Vogue’s Volume III: Icons issue. The teen was interviewed by Charlie’s Angels actress Drew Barrymore. On the topic of fashion, Drew mentioned that many girls dress prematurely these days. But noticed that Millie actually dresses appropriately for her age.

Millie gave her honest reply, “I mean, I’ve never been one of those girls who dress provocatively. It’s just not me. I keep it as appropriate as possible I wear tons of shorts and sneakers.” The two actresses also discussed Millie blooming as an actress in these social media times.

Millie has been one of the young actresses subjected to criticism for dressing too old for her age. But she clapped back at the criticism by exclaiming, “It’s always difficult to dress for a red carpet event”. The Enola Holmes actress added that people have opinions and unfortunately it affects you whether or not you want to listen to them. Now that she is a fully grown adult, her opinions on dressing style may change as well.

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We shall see the British actress next in Stranger Things finale and Enola Holmes 2 completely different avatars. But do you think an actress should have to dress according to her age? Let us know the comments below


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