“It feels kinda masculine”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed How She likes To Dress Up

“It feels kinda masculine”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed How She likes To Dress Up

Talking about fashion icons, Millie Bobby Brown is one of those big names who are the real fashion queens of this era. However, for the Stranger Things actor, it’s not always about looking the most charismatic and flamboyant, it’s about comfort as well. Many actresses of Hollywood are always seen wearing splendid garments with ethnic outfits, but it’s not the case with the Queen of Teens, Millie. To her, fashion comes second to her comfort zone since the beginning.

In an interview with a leading magazine, she spoke about her usual go-to outfits and how she finds much relief in them. Basically, her character switches from an aristocratic, young successful lady to a homeless tomboy. However, she carries it all with much elegance. Let’s hear what the star said!

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Millie Bobby Brown and her comfortable attires are deeply associated with her nature

In fact, the very question that Millie answered to Glamour, was how she expresses her internal self through fashion. Answering to which, the star said she “likes keeping it simple yet classy.” It makes her feel feminine and elegant admitted the actress. However, the youth icon also loved the tomboyish style which include accessories like the neck close chains and others. “It feels masculine even though it’s a feminine thing with a charm,” says Millie.

Hence, basically, anything that is ‘comfy’ is her style. Even the outfit she wore to the interview gave her a pyjama vibe, she gave no attention over it and put it on. Not gonna lie, Millie was slaying that red suit outfit in the interview. About describing herself through fashion, Millie replied she was a very cosy person and likes to put on a warm and welcoming look as her nature. She absolutely loves the outside but staying indoors is more of a Millie-thing to do.

Well, we can all relate to wanting to be comfortable in clothes to wear, and Millie preferring that makes her very relatable.

Do you like Millie’s fashion? Do you like Mille’s intellect and the elegance in the way she carries herself? Let us know in the comments below.

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