When Millie Bobby Brown Called up Enola Holmes Co-star Louis Patridge at 2 am In The Morning

When Millie Bobby Brown Called up Enola Holmes Co-star Louis Patridge at 2 am In The Morning

Teenage star Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger to the fanbase of Netflix. While the star got her first break way back in Stranger Things, Millie gained worldwide fame and critical acclaim for Enola Holmes too. Along with her, co-star Louis Patridge of Enola Holmes also had been in recent talks after a video of both the budding stars involved in a chit-chat surfaced on the internet.

Let us tell you what it was all about!

Millie Bobby Brown is a friend like none other

2020 saw Millie and Louis take the Glamour Friendship Test, where the two stars were asked to share their communication styles with the audience. And guess what? Our Millie is so much of a garrulous friend that she called up Louis in the middle of nowhere at 2 am only to congratulate him about his massive performances in the series. The stars were seen in a mildly heated conversation but with all laughter and smiles.

Millie pressed on how she was the (only) good person in their friendship. Even Louis nodded and accepted the fact that she calls him frequently while he won’t return half of them. Millie even went on to say how she got Louis’ girlfriend their anniversary gift because she cares while Louis is “just out all the time.”

It was hilarious to see both open up and fool around. Fans even noticed how Millie’s accent becomes even more aggressive when she’s mad or at least pressing on her facts. This was followed by a task where both had to compliment each other on their work and personalities overall. Even here, Millie complimented Louis’ hair and bone structure while the latter was just seen nibbling off his pen. It was all fun and frolic, and fans enjoyed seeing them sharing such an amazing bond.

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Stranger Things will always have be Millie’s finest

Although the fourth-wall-breaking delivery was a tad bit low from Millie’s side in Stranger Things, she made it up all for good with her brilliant performance. With all the gore and violence, Millie was one of the show’s central characters. Unfortunately, the actress still couldn’t fetch an Emmy for the team. Nevertheless, her acting in the ’80s set series has been undaunted.

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While the fifth season is on the horizon leading the entire world to the Endgame, Enola Holmes 2 is all set to make it to the American streaming giant. This would just cater to our wait for the Netflix hit to come back, but who knows? We might get something even more exciting than ever from the actress.

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