When Julia Garner Was Bombarded With Her Worst Fear in Two Different Sizes by Ellen Degeneres

When Julia Garner Was Bombarded With Her Worst Fear in Two Different Sizes by Ellen Degeneres

It’s been more than four years since Ozark ended and here we are, still unable to bring ourselves to reckon with the fact that it’s over. What made it all the more unforgettable are the things that came along with the series. The stories, the mind-boggling plot twists, the flawed characters, the perfect cast, and the in-depth messages that have made their home in us. Talking about the cast and crew, this was perhaps one of the very few shows that brought us an array of new and brilliant characters and the extremities that they’re capable of. One of the leading actors in this category was the 21-year-old, American native, Julia Garner.

She was the reason why we all kept hoping for a wholesome ending with Byrdes and Ruth in a single frame. Although unfortunately, we lost our Ruth Langmore on screen, Julia Garner off-screen has grown closer than ever to us. Reminiscing all our memories with the actress in previous years, here’s a heartwarming yet hilarious moment with Julia that many failed to notice.

Julia Garner pranked on the sets of The Ellen Show

In her first talk show ever with Ellen DeGeneres, Garner briefed the show with some of Ruth’s classic monologues. Julia stepped into her alter ego, Ruth Langmore, and stunned the audience once again with her impeccable southern twang. While they were discussing the famous boat rigging scene, the reckless Langmore was hit by a wave of fright. And to have a little fun with the young actress, the showrunners pulled off an elite prank on our little bean, Julia.

The actress almost jumped out of her seat when they pranked her with a mop that almost felt like a mouse. The frightened star lost it entirely and screamed her lungs out as she saw the mouse-man spring up out of nowhere. The Queen of Ozark just turned into a timid child afraid of rodents to death.

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Julia is a rising star in the industry

Before the prank, Julia gave us a deeper insight into the ship deck scene. Although she tried a lot, she couldn’t afford to hold a rodent on the set. Thus, the hand that we saw on screen wasn’t Julia’s but someone else’s. Regardless, Julia has as been amazing as Ruth. She was one of the very few characters who dared be a bit edgy on a positive note. Julia completely redefined the portrayal of unconventional roles on television. Acknowledging her talent, she was bestowed with two grand Emmys.

It’s strange how a character so fierce and undaunted on screen is miles away from the actor who plays it. But perhaps that’s the beauty of cinema. The art of portraying someone else and giving into their character while your inner substance remains untouched. And who could have nailed better than Julia? With her outstanding expertise in numerous accents, Julia Garner has emerged as one of the great, idiosyncratic talents of the twenties.

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