“I am not hollywood-standard beautiful”: Julia Garner Reveals Why She Only Gets Unconventional Roles Like Ruth Langmore in ‘Ozark’

“I am not hollywood-standard beautiful”: Julia Garner Reveals Why She Only Gets Unconventional Roles Like Ruth Langmore in ‘Ozark’

For the past five consecutive years, Ozark came out as one of the best and most buzzworthy series on Netflix. Julia Garner plays the rough-and-tumble Ruth Langmore in the gut-punching crime and thriller series, redefining her anti-heroine roles. Her character has brought her all the truly-deserved global acclaim and recognition. Her contribution to the realm of television and network series has been priceless.

What is equally standout as her part in Ozark is all the unconventional roles Garner gets. So why does she get these roles?  Here’s what Julia had to say about it.

Julia Garner considers her beauty a factor behind her eccentric and off-centre roles

Upon closer introspection, you’ll notice Julia Garner doesn’t play very conventional roles like other stars and actresses. However, that really never bothered the young reckless actress as she had never aspired to be one. She never wanted to be the romantic lead or a popular cheerleader. In an interview she explained to Vulture, “At an early age, I knew I wasn’t going to get those roles. Not that I’m ugly, but I’m not Hollywood-standard beautiful or that simple beauty.” In particular Garner cites her gap tooth and her weird but gorgeously curly hair as what sets her apart from other actresses in Hollywood.

So far, she has been quite happy with her quirky and unconventional roles, which always have had an edge. Likewise, even her fans are quite satisfied with her roles like that of a cult member, a pregnant morning girl, a cannibal, a Russian-native with the entire world’s accent, a girl falling in love with a KGB spy, and last but not least, the daredevil of the Langmore hegemony. But it’s definitely no loss to Garner since they’re often more complex than others. These rough and edgy roles often demand more from an actor than typical starring roles for conventional beauties.

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Julia is still in a self denial with her soul-stirring acting

Although Garner has been lauded for her works in all her series, especially Ozark, the star has never been able to bring herself to believe it. Even after she won the Emmy awards for her outstanding performance in Ozark, she never really thought she was going to grab an Emmy.

However, Director and co-star Jason Bateman was quite confident with Ruth even if she had insisted it wasn’t the case. The Inventing Anna star hardly reads about herself, so perhaps she missed all of the buzzes she has created with her now award-winning performance as Ruth Langmore. Despite having so much worldwide fame and critical acclaim, the actress has never or hardly given herself enough credit that she deserves.

What do you think about Garner’s many unconventional roles in her career? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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