WATCH: When Millie Bobby Brown Struggled and Got Irritated as She Failed to Guess Noah Schnapp’s Favorite Board Game

WATCH: When Millie Bobby Brown Struggled and Got Irritated as She Failed to Guess Noah Schnapp’s Favorite Board Game

We all are aware of Millie Bobby Brown and her friendship with Noah Schnapp. While fans have been shipping their relationship for a long time now, Noah and Millie are best of friends. Have you ever wondered how well they might know each other? If they have this strongest bond, they must know each other pretty well, or is it? Well, see how Millie couldn’t guess Noah’s favorite board game and how Noah irritates her so much while making the video.

Millie Bobby Brown loses her patience with Noah

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have attended many interviews together while they were working together on Stranger Things. They have answered some weird questions about each other and about themselves as well. They share an exquisite bond that makes us crave a friendship like theirs. However, while answering questions in this video, Noah irritates Millie, and she loses her temper for a second there.

How well they know each other is proven right in the beginning when they were deciding who’s answering first. Well, while many of the answers were absolutely correct, some of them were wrong too. Noah successfully guessed the first answer to Millie’s favorite water brand. He removed the chit from the urn and kept it right there on the table, blocking Millie’s face. He knowingly made fun and created a hilarious situation. But it looked like Millie would throw the urn on Noah’s head. She didn’t, though.

Well, the very next question was about Noah’s favorite board game. “I’m just gonna go with the classic,” said Noah and Millie said, “Monopoly,” and failed to guess the correct name. But that wasn’t his favorite board game. They didn’t clearly reveal the name of the game, but it wasn’t Monopoly for sure.

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While they kept one playing the game of Q&A, watching them answering the questions made it clear to the viewers how strongly they’re connected to each other and how beautiful a bond they share with each other. Do you also have a friend like Noah with whom you’re so comfortable? Play this game with them and see how well they know you and you know them. You can always watch Stranger Things again here while playing it.

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