Fans Gush Over Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Friendship After This ‘Stranger Things’ 4 BTS Clip

Fans Gush Over Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Friendship After This ‘Stranger Things’ 4 BTS Clip

Have you had that friend who is always there when people mention you and vice versa? You both are inseparable. There is nothing awkward between you two and you both can be yourselves when you are together. That’s the kind of friendship Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have. We all know what great friends they are.

They share a very strong and beautiful bond with each other, and fans love it. Even they love their friendship so much, which is noticeable in their on-screen as well as off-screen appearances. Remember, in one interview, they admitted they would marry each other as they have a marriage pact? How adorable is that to marry your own friend, but of course with terms and conditions! If this wasn’t wholesome enough, a BTS clip on Millie’s YouTube channel certainly will fill your heart with the friendship these two share.

…and Millie Bobby Brown is Noah Schnapp’s best friend!

Often together, they have admitted that they are very close friends. It seems pretty obvious that if you knew someone from childhood, and you spend this much time with each other, you grow a very strong bond with them. After all, you both have grown up together and have seen almost every phase of life together.

Millie Bobby Brown has often admitted that Noah has helped her in almost every difficult time, be it while on set or personally. And when she was asked some questions regarding the show and the favorites about and on the show, she had only one answer: Noah Schnapp.

The same goes for Noah Schnapp. Noah has always admired Millie and their friendship. He also admits that Millie cheers him up. She helps him with the scenes and they have a great understanding.

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Recently, we came across a BTS clip from Stranger Things 4 where Noah and Millie are skating and Millie falls while coming toward Noah. As they topple down, Noah’s hand accidentally cupped Millie’s breasts. However, nothing became awkward between them. Instead, they shared a great laugh. Fans are going crazy over this clip.

They both share a great bond of friendship, which sometimes makes us envious of them. Nonetheless, we love them and cannot wait for volume 2 to be released.

Share with us your favorite Millie-Noah moments. You can binge-watch the series again.

Watch here: Stranger Things

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