When Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink Proved That They Are More Than Co-Workers

When Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink Proved That They Are More Than Co-Workers

Stranger Things is one of the most popular tv series of all time. Over the years, the show has time and again proven that when it comes to entertaining people, there is no one better than the cast and crew of the Netflix Original. And a huge contributor to the success of the series is the incredible relationship that the cast has with each other, especially Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown.

The two talented actresses have stolen our hearts ever since they appeared on screen together. And their chemistry off the screen is equally amazing and heartwarming as it is on the screen. So let us take a look back at one of the most wholesome moments of the friendship between Millie and Sadie.

Millie and Sadie Sink are real-life best friends forever

Ever since Sadie made her debut on the sets of Stranger Things season two, she and Millie have been inseparable. In fact, the two co-stars are such great friends that it affected their character’s narratives moving forward. And just like how Eleven and Max do a lot of stuff together, Sadie and Millie too have a favorite hobby that they take part in.

Both the actresses are insanely talented and have delivered stellar performances in the current season of the show. But apart from incredible acting skills Sadie and Millie are amazing singers also. Here is a video so the two singing Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone to brighten up your day.

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A brief history of their friendship

The relationship between these two actresses developed on the set of Season 2 of the show. There, Sadie’s characters did not get off to the ideal start, because Eleven saw Max as a danger due to her connection with Mike (Finn Wolfhard). However, as the narrative developed, they began to become a strong bond, and the viewer will recall images of them shopping together or discussing males.

Off-screen, Millie and Sadie have been best friends since 2017. They refer to themselves as sisters and even took a vacation to Cabo, Mexico, with their families following the first season of Stranger Things.

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