Sadie Sink Joins MCU As A Villain, And No It Is Not Young Wanda Maximoff

Sadie Sink Joins MCU As A Villain, And No It Is Not Young Wanda Maximoff

The blooming star of Netflix’s top show Stranger Things Sadie Sink is getting much love and appreciation for her acting seeing the rawness and frightening scenes she portrayed so remarkably this season. However, her casting in season 2 was itself evidence that the young girl had some spark.

With the show already accruing claim and popularity, the Duffer Brothers wouldn’t cast just about anyone as Max. In fact, Sink has to prove herself to be fit for the character. Because of that we know today that The Audience star is certainly not just a true beauty but one of the most talented artists of this generation. Given the heights she has reached in her acting career, it is not surprising that a prediction that she might join Marvel Cinematic Universe after her exceptional role as Max Mayfield has been making rounds.

Sadie Sink may have a future in Marvel Universe with no connection to Elizabeth Olsen

After the release of Stranger Things season 4 the similar look of Wanda and Max intrigued fans. They almost called her a younger version of Elizabeth Olsen who has been a part of MCU for years. So they drew a parallel between Max and Wanda that she might play her retrospective role.

However, according to the trusted sources of Giant Freakin Robot, it seems the young actress has a chance at a whole new story of her own. Popular presumption is that she will have the role of Thunderbolts’ Songbird. The original version of villainous and screaming Mimi from the Marvel comics appeared in the late 1990s.

There are speculations that she might play Songbird, a devil under a saint’s skin. Sadie is perfect for the role because she has already portrayed a traumatic teenager in Stranger Things. In season 4, Max was struggling with the guilt and trying to escape the world with her music. Similarly, Songbird had a troubled youth, which made her envious.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that the young actress will do an exceptional job here too, as she has the emotional drive and substantial strength to embody a powerful character. The good news is that the President of Marvel Studios has confirmed about Thunderbolt project to be coming up in 2024. So, we may see Sink in an MCU film sooner than later.

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Would you like to see Sadie Sink stepping into an antagonist role? After Vecna brutally broke her, is there any human left in her? Put down all your views in the comment box below!

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