Was Jeffrey Dahmer Lurking Behind Sadie Sink In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4?

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Lurking Behind Sadie Sink In ‘Stranger Things’  Season 4?

For a show starring mostly kids, Stranger Things definitely doesn’t shy away from grotesque monsters and frightening villains. Season 4, in particular, gave us the most diabolical antagonist as the big bad Vecna. In fact, we are still not over his twisted modus operandi and the treatment of our beloved Max. As if Vecna wasn’t enough, looks like Sadie Sink had yet another looming terror in the form of Jeffrey Dahmer in the last season.

Yes, you read that right. No wonder fans of the Netflix flagship compare the fantasy show to a Stephen King story. According to some fans, the notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, makes a blink-or-miss cameo in Stranger Things season 4. Let us find out if there is any truth to these findings.

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Did Jeffrey Dahmer covertly walk past Sadie Sink in Stranger Things 4?

Since its premiere on September 21, the audience is more than impressed with Netflix’s newest true crime adaptation, DAHMER. Aptly tagged Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the show brings to life the chronicles of a dreadful serial killer. Amid the rage around the series, some members of the audience spotted a younger version of the monstrous murderer in one scene of Netflix’s flagship, Stranger Things.


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One should never underestimate the power of eagle-eyed fans. The clip has since gone viral on TikTok and sent the fans into a frenzy. If looked at the shot closely, one can see a young boy having an uncanny resemblance to Dahmer walking behind actress Sadie Sink. Is this really possible, though? Well, there has been no comment from The Duffer Brothers about this particular reference/foreshadowing.

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Also, looking purely at timelines, Jeffrey Dahmer would’ve been in his 20s in 1986; the time period of Stranger Things 4. Additionally, the Dahmer-Esque blonde fringe with thick glasses wasn’t an uncommon look in the 80s; especially in the Midwest. Set in Hawkin’s Indiana, the sci-fi show is riddled with 1980s pop culture. So chances are, it is just pure coincidence.

Having said that, the eerie similarities between Jeffrey Dahmer and the kid lurking behind Sadie Sink can still send chills down one’s spine. Do you think it was Dahmer in the video clip? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, check out DAHMER streaming on Netflix.




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