What Is the Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix? Is the Show Really Based on the Real-Life Serial Killer?

What Is the Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix? Is the Show Really Based on the Real-Life Serial Killer?

September has been a great month for Netflix fans. The latest seasons of fan-favorite series are being released, and new films and shows are making their way to the streaming platform. Moreover, the global virtual fan convention Netflix Tudum is about to happen by the end of the month. Well, Netflix does not stop here. The streamer is all set to release another spine-chilling show for you to binge on.

Recently, Netflix released the teaser for the upcoming true-crime documentary series on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. Suffice it to say; that it will be one of the most exciting projects to look forward to. But what inspired the series? Is it based on actual events? Here is all you need to know about DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.’

The thrilling story of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

Picture this, In July of 1991, the cops enter Jeffrey’s Milwaukee apartment. Inside the apartment, they find preserved body parts and chopped-off heads of at least 17 colored gay men in a freezer—moreover, several polaroid pictures of the mutilated bodies from a gruesome killing spree that started in 1978. One question that is bound to linger in your mind is, how did he get away for 13 years without any suspicion? That is exactly what DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ will follow. While real-life events undoubtedly inspire the story, we can expect a bit of added drama and thrill for entertainment purposes. The series will show things from Dahmer’s perspective and how he fooled the police department using his white-male privilege.

It will be a limited series spanning over ten episodes. Best known for his role in the horror television series American Horror Story, Evan Peters will take the lead as Jefferey Dahmer. Netflix recently shared the first look from this upcoming series featuring Evan as Jefferey on Instagram.

Who all are going to be a part of this thriller crime drama?

Helmed by Emmy winner Ryan Murphy, the series will also feature Colin Ford. Ford has also starred in the 2019 series Daybreak. Furthermore, actress and comedian Niecy Nash will also be a part of this true crime series. Previously, Nash was also a part of Netflix’s hit teen drama Never Have I Ever. Apart from them, American actor Shaun Brown will also star in the series. The first episode of DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ will premiere on 21 September on Netflix.

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