Was Jeffrey Dahmer Ever Caught? What Happened to the Notorious Serial Killer?

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Ever Caught? What Happened to the Notorious Serial Killer?

Jeffrey Dahmer will go down as one of the most infamous and ruthless serial killers that ever walked the Earth. Over a span of 13 years, he was responsible for brutally murdering over 17 gay men and boys, mostly of color. Moreover, Dahmer consumed the flesh of some of his victims, which got him the nickname, Cannibal. He stored the remains in his refrigerator, typically all the body parts or most parts of the skeleton. People certainly know about Dahmer and his merciless murders. They feared him and nicknamed him the Milwaukee Monster. But was Dahmer ever caught and punished for the crimes he committed?

Jeffrey Dahmer: How did they catch the notorious serial killer?

Dahmer roamed free around Milwaukee for almost 13 years despite being a gruesome killer. He was finally arrested on July 22, 1991. Strange as it sounds, Dahmer’s arrest was largely an accident. One of his victims, 32-year-old Tracy Edwards, was responsible for his arrest. Like most of his victims, he met Tracy at a Milwaukee Bar. With his friendly nature, Dahmer lured her to join him at his home for drinks and a movie and offered her some money.

However, after reaching his apartment, Tracy realized Dahmer was not friendly. She narrowly escaped from his apartment and ran with handcuffs in her hand until she found the authorities. What happened after brought to light one of the most horrifying crimes ever committed.

Upon investigations of Tracy’s claims, the police found the most bizarre things in Dahmer’s apartment. Initially, the police discovered a knife. Following it, they found pictures of the deceased in one of the drawers. Shortly after, the cops grabbed Dahmer onto the floor. He struggled and said, “For What I did, I should be dead.” The police arrested Dahmer on the spot, and soon after the arrest, he confessed to all his crimes. He was later sentenced to 15 continuous life sentences.

Netflix’s upcoming docuseries on Jeffrey’s life

A few questions still intrigue people to this day. Why did Jeffrey commit such heinous crimes? Was he always so violent as a kid? Well, to answer your questions, Netflix is all set to release a series based on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. The series will show things from Jeffrey’s perspective and what turned an ordinary boy into a gruesome killer.

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Be sure to check out DAHMER — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, releasing soon on Netflix.


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