Is Eddie Redmayne’s Character in ‘The Good Nurse’ Based on Real-Life Serial Killer, Charles Cullen?

Is Eddie Redmayne’s Character in ‘The Good Nurse’ Based on Real-Life Serial Killer, Charles Cullen?

Netflix dropped the trailer of the much-awaited crime thriller The Good Nurse and it is already in the headlines for all the right reasons. Directed by the writer-director Tobias Lindholm, the drama adapts Charles Graeber’s 2013 novel The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder. With Oscar-nominated Krysty Wilson-Cairns as the scriptwriter, the story will revolve around a compassionate nurse, Amy discovering the atrocities of her colleague Charles Cullen. 

The name Charles Cullen might have ringed a bell in many minds. Charles was a prolific American serial killer who murdered over 300 patients in his career of 16 years as a nurse. The criminal executed the deaths while working across nine hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Is there a connection between the dangerous American serial killer and The Good Nurse’s Charles Cullen? Let’s find out.

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What is the connection between Charles Cullen and The Good Nurse?

Netflix shelled out a whopping $25 million at the Berlin European Film Market last year to acquire the global streaming rights of The Good Nurse. What makes this film so marketable is the fact that it is a non-factual biography of the real-life serial killer Charles Cullen. The movie will explore the life of Cullen from the beginning and what prompted him to take so many lives. 

Most probably, the story will be narrated with Amy as the protagonist. A single mother and a compassionate nurse, Amy find solace in her new friend Cullen while struggling with the demanding night shifts in the ICU. In the beginning, Cullen appears to be a perfect friend as he patiently listens to Amy while helping her with her duties. 

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However, the mysterious deaths of the patients make Charles Cullen the prime suspect. Upon further investigation, Amy comes across the dark truth about her so-called friend. The Good Nurse will reveal how the protagonist will put her and her daughter’s life in danger to unveil the mask of her colleague. Eddie Redmayne has been picked as the ideal choice for portraying the serial killer in the movie, while Jessica Chastain has been paired opposite him as Amy. 

Are you excited about The Good Nurse releasing on Netflix this October? Do let us know in the comments. 

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