Top 5 Films and Shows to Celebrate Millie Bobby Brown’s 19th Birthday

Top 5 Films and Shows to Celebrate Millie Bobby Brown’s 19th Birthday

Millie Bobby Brown might be only a teenager, but her stardom is way bigger than her age. The fame she has catapulted with her resilience and impeccable talent often makes us question if is there anything she can’t do. Well, maybe there isn’t! From landing herself among the top-paid actresses of 2022 to shooting multiple projects at the same time, she has become one of the most successful youngsters today. And since her birthday is around the corner, fans might be getting ready to see another glamorous look from this fashion icon.

Meanwhile, we might have the perfect thing for you to spend your time while you wait for any new posts. Here are some of the best performances of the teenage superstar you can stream to celebrate her 19th birthday.

5 best Millie Bobby Brown shows and movies 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the show that brought Millie Bobby Brown into the limelight as an actor. The sci-fi show instantly became a pop culture phenomenon and viewers praised her performance in it. The series even made her one of the youngest nominees in Emmy history at the age of 13.

Stranger Things delineates the story of a telekinetic kid known by her serial number Eleven. The show takes us back to the 1980s when Eleven and her Hawkins team fight evil supernatural entities invading their city. All the seasons of this massively famous show are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Enola Holmes Franchise 

Based on the novels by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes is the story of an intrepid teen who doesn’t live by the norms of her society. The movie follows this young girl, played by Brown, who is the younger sister of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.

Just like her brother, she possesses cleverness, sharp mind, and individual thought process, while being good at taking risks and even opens a detective agency in the period when women weren’t allowed in such professions. If you haven’t watched it yet, then find it right away on Netflix.

The Godzilla Franchise 

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was one of the major role that Millie got in a big blockbuster film. In this franchise, she portrayed Madison Russel, showcasing her emotional and powerful performance. The storyline of this franchise is centered on a prehistoric reptilian monster kaiju Godzilla.

In the Godzilla vs Kong, we see how he starts attacking innocent people and Madison starts a mission to find out why the lizard went rogue.


In 2014, Millie Bobby Brown was cast in the paranormal thriller TV series, Intruders, where she was almost unrecognizable. The show focuses on how members of a secret society live eternal life by jumping into different bodies.

Madison, who is a young girl, also becomes a victim of these wicked souls and serves as a vessel. The 18-year-old has been praised for incredible insight into the character. Interestingly, Brown opened up about her experience working on the film in the early days of her acting career. The thriller drama is currently available on Hulu.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a series based on the famous novels written by Lewis Carroll. The actress played the role of young Alice who narrates the story of a strange new place.

It was the role through which this Gen-Z inspiration entered the world of entertainment. The cast members include Michael Socha, Peter Gadiot, Sophie Lowe, and Naveen Andrews among others.

Which of these movies are you going to stream to celebrate Brown’s birthday? Let us know your pick in the comments.

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