“I always felt like I didn’t quite belong”- Back When Millie Bobby Brown Opened Up Why She Chose Acting as a Career

“I always felt like I didn’t quite belong”- Back When Millie Bobby Brown Opened Up Why She Chose Acting as a Career

At present, there is hardly anyone that does not know who Millie Bobby Brown is. She is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet thanks to her role in the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things. And also one of the most sought-after under-20 actors out there. While fans only get to see her dazzling smile on the covers of magazines, they hardly know that the young girl once felt too alone. 

During an interview with Allure, last year, the teen opened up about her humble beginnings and what drew her to Hollywood. Mind you, it was not the money or a certain role model, but something more personal and deep.

Millie Bobby Brown chose acting to find her identity 

The 18-year-old took an early decision to pursue acting as a career. She was driven to the art form because it allowed her an escape from her own self. As a youngster, she always struggled with loneliness and self-identity. Brown felt misunderstood and alone, even in crowded spaces. Hence, when embodying different characters, Millie Bobby Brown was able to create characters that others could relate to. 

I always felt like I didn’t quite belong in every room I was in. I enjoyed being different people because I always struggled with self-identity and knowing who I was,” she added. Acting, in a way, helped Brown to play unique characters and empowered her. It’s evident in her choices, as the actress has mostly portrayed strong female leads – Enola Holmes, and Eleven. She expressed that she felt empowered playing Elodie in Damsel

Although she is phenomenal in these roles, the actress has not done any comedic roles yet. And she blamed it on her maturity. 

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Brown was deemed to be too mature for roles of her age 

The Florence by Mills owner always felt too mature than her peers. Although she considered it a good trait, her maturity deterred her from landing a role in a project. The casting director had rejected her audition tape, citing her maturity. She had crushed her hopes of making it to Hollywood. But soon after, Millie Bobby Brown landed the biggest role of her career in the Netflix hit. 

Brown has just wrapped up Russo Brothers’ The Electric State. She is also rumored to join Jenna Ortega in Wednesday season 2.

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