“ Think of yourself as a politician…”- When Will Smith Recalled Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Golden Rule of Being a Superstar

“ Think of yourself as a politician…”- When Will Smith Recalled Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Golden Rule of Being a Superstar

Will Smith once made a hilarious impression of Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The A-list actor, who has been stirring the pot of controversies since the Oscars, is known for his sense of humor. But before all the slap gate drama happened, the actor would do interviews very often, keeping his fans entertained thoroughly.

The legend rose to fame through his career of more than three decades. His career began by starring in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. During that time, Arnold was already the hunk of Hollywood. During the promotion of his movie King Richard, he appeared for an interview during which he mimicked Arnold while also passing on advice that the latter gave him years ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a golden rule for Will Smith

Will Smith once appeared on The Graham Norton Show wherein he talked about his journey to becoming a superstar. The then-young star attended the opening of Planet Hollywood location in Australia. He crossed paths with not only Arnold but also Rocky actors Sylvester Stallone and Die Hard star, Bruce Willis. The powerful trio was referred to as ‘magi’ by a young Will.

Sharing his memory, the entertainer revealed how he walked up to the stars and asked for advice. Smith wanted to be the biggest star in the world and knew that Arnold, Stallone, and Willis can offer the best advice.

The former governor of California then exchanged looks with the other two stars before giving advice to Smith. “You’ve got to go to every country in the world, you have to think of yourself as a politician running for the job of the biggest movie star in the world,” said the Terminator actor. Will told the story while imitating Arnold’s accent, leaving the audience in splits.

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He also added that if the I Am Legend star wants to be successful, he cannot do movies that would only be successful in America. His advice could be right since the vegan actor is so well-known across the globe. One would not be wrong to say that the Men in Black star took his advice, considering his current fame around the world.

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