Netflix Releases Hysterical Classic Arnold Schwarzenegger Action-Comedy Featuring Kids That Made Him Sweat

Netflix Releases Hysterical Classic Arnold Schwarzenegger Action-Comedy Featuring Kids That Made Him Sweat

It’s no surprise that Netflix has a large variety of shows for its audience. From horror movies to comedy classics, Netflix has a movie or a series for every mood. To keep the audience glued to the screen, the streamer releases new shows every now and then. Apart from releasing new shows, Netflix also brings back old movies which earlier were only available in blu-rays. One such movie is the 1990 crime comedy film Kindergarten Cop, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As per the announcement on Netflix’s Facebook page, the streaming giant has made available this comedy classic on its platform. Kindergarten Cop is now streaming on Netflix.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop

From The Terminator series to Escape Plan, we have often seen Arnold play the muscular tough guy in movies. However, in this action-comedy film, we can see Arnold out of his element as he substitutes his action brio with some proficient comedy acting. Interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a few conditions before accepting the role of Kimble. He wanted a physical fitness theme for the film and Ivan Reitman as the director. He and Reitman also wanted broken homes and family themes in the script.

This is the second time Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with Director Ivan Reitman after their first box office gold Twins. Familiar faces like Richard Tyson and Penelope Ann Miller are also there in the movie.

In the movie, Arnold plays John Kemble, a Los Angeles police detective posing as a kindergarten teacher. It is hysterical as Kimble struggles to teach a class full of hyperactive 6-year-olds. With a simple plot and light humor, the movie is surely worth the watch.

The movie is hilarious without being crude and intense without steering towards melodrama. Also, the cute performance of the kids is likely to stay with you even after the movie. Aside from Arnold, the movie also features Richard Tyson, Pamela Reeds, Penelope Ann Miller, Penelope Ann Miller, among others.

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How is the audience reacting to this movie?

Here are some tweets from the fans after the release of the movie:

Fans sure seem excited to watch the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed this to be his favourite role in all his movies. What do you think about the Kindergarten Cop? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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