‘Rick and Morty’ Spoofs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Age Old ‘Terminator’, Taking It a Little Too Far For A Mere Toast

‘Rick and Morty’ Spoofs Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Age Old ‘Terminator’, Taking It a Little Too Far For A Mere Toast

Rick and Morty is a series that fans can’t stop talking about. Now, there is a new spoof! Since the show can be called a funny yet psychological show, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the picture. He has a weird obsession with Terminator-like dystopian society. Morty’s grandfather is also a genius like him and can invent anything. What is this Terminator spoof everyone is talking about?

Did Rick and Morty make a Nuclear Bomb or Toaster?

In the episode, we can see Rick’s attempt to prepare the ideal piece of toast in Kyle Sparks and Terry’s ‘Rick and Morty #12’. Further, into the episode, the lab coat-wearing mad scientist unnecessarily links the toaster to the multiverse. He did it to complete an otherwise routine chore. Typical Rick, right? Ultimately, Jerry makes it into a potent explosive.

When asked how he came up with this toaster, Rick shares how he wanted to see if he could perfect the most boring thing imaginable. Here, the series creates a very humorous but smart move to keep the viewers engaged. Furthermore, he wanted to make the toaster so bad; he did not care about the fact that it could have gone wrong. Now, when we say wrong, we mean it could have been a nuclear bomb.

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How is a Toaster related to the movie Terminator?

Viewers learn about the Dimension in this episode and related it to Terminator, the movie. It was a clear satire. Due to Rick’s fixation on creating perfect toast, their reality has been overrun by a deadly toaster. This is reminiscent of Terminator’s Skynet. Rick is dangerous not because he is an evil genius but because he wants to perfect everything. Rick is a man whose pride is one of his weaknesses. Given his skills, this typically creates a catastrophic result, like this toaster explosion and a parody of the Terminator.

You can argue that Rick’s nihilism is the reason why he finds himself in such situations. However, he wants to prove it wrong. Due to his knowledge of the multiverse, he knows and often preaches that nothing means anything, but he is unable to accept it. He does not truly want to think that the multiverse basically nothing someone accomplishes counts. Thus, Rick aspires to create the ideal slice of toast or ideal anything, always going to extreme measures to do so, as we have witnessed in multiple episodes of Rick and Morty.

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