75-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Even Take off Time to Celebrate His Birthday for the Netflix Series

75-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Even Take off Time to Celebrate His Birthday for the Netflix Series

I’m back.” Our fierce, beloved Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to make his Netflix debut in true Terminator style. The veteran actor will soon appear in his first ever scripted TV series, FUBAR. With an original screenplay, FUBAR is a spy series starring Arnold himself. The acronym has two versions; “F**ked Up Beyond All Repair” or “F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition.” The Terminator recently turned 75 and shared his experience with the show and some of his birthday resolutions with fans. And through it, his dedication to the Netflix series is evident.

Life was all about FUBAR for Arnold Schwarzenegger in recent times

For those unaware, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger sends out a regular newsletter to his avid supporters. It is an excellent way for fans to connect with and get an insight into the beautiful life of the actor. In his recent email, Arnold talked about how his “whole life has been FUBAR, FUBAR, FUBAR” for the past few months. Discussing his upcoming Netflix show FUBAR, he shared, “I have met so many new friends and worked with some old ones.

Schwarzenegger wrote about his “focus principle” that urges him to put in 100% in all his undertakings. He was “shooting almost every day for 12 hours a day” and did not “have time for almost anything else.” The Netflix series follows a father (Schwarzenegger) and his daughter (Monica Barbaro) who both turn out to be CIA personnel operating in secret. The revelation obviously throws a wrench in their relationship, giving the action-packed spy thriller the warmth of a family drama.

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The Terminator’s distinct birthday tradition

Doubling down on his “Focus Principle,” Arnold wanted to revive his “old ritual” on his birthday. “I used to sit down every year and write down my goals,” wrote Arnold. He shared that now that he has turned 75, he feels the urgency that drove him as a youngster once again. What’s more, is that he will “have three-quarters of a century of experience to go with my drive.

Arnold candidly illustrates how his goals and dreams have changed over the years. He is “not as worried about pumping up my biceps or making more money.” The aspects that “used to be the end goal” for him previously are “the means to achieving a bigger end.” His newsletter is a way of inspiring and motivating his followers to achieve their own goals and dreams. And who better to do that than Arnold Schwarzenegger? His whole life is a masterclass in hard work and persistence.

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We cannot wait for Schwarzenegger’s upcoming show on Netflix, scheduled to premiere sometime in 2022. Tell us your thoughts about the upcoming spy series.

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