Arnold Schwarzenegger Teased His First Netflix Series ‘Fubar’ at the Arnold Sports Festival – What Is It About?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teased His First Netflix Series ‘Fubar’ at the Arnold Sports Festival – What Is It About?

Action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was present at The Arnold Sports Festival event on Sunday where he spilled some beans about his next venture with Netflix. The actor was short on time, as he was to board the next flight to Toronto in an hour, where the filming is taking place.

The marquee event is named after him and hosted by Bob Cicherilll. Famous bodybuilders including the likes of Chirs Bumstead, Ronnie Coleman, and others were also present at the event. 

What is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix series about? 

In this spy thriller, a father and his daughter are both CIA agents. However, they never come to know about each other’s identity until years later when they are forced to work together on a mission. The huge lie will rock the father-daughter relationship, forcing them to question it.

Initially named Utap, the project was later renamed FUBAR. The eight-part series is based on True Lies, one of the many Arnold’s action films from the 90s. Released in 1994, True Lies cast included Jamie Lee Curtis, Bill Paxton, Tom Arnold, Tia Carrere, and Art Malik. Monica Barbaro will play his daughter in the series. It is touted as a global espionage movie complete with explosive actions. 

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His first foray into television after a long career in Hollywood

Arnold Schwarzenegger is synonymous with action movies, but the Netflix show will mark his first entry into scripted Television. The streamer nabbed the rights to the series after an intense bidding war. In his first TV project, he will reunite with Skydance.

Skydance is responsible for one of the biggest hits in Arnold’s career: Terminator: Genisys and Terminator: Dark Fate. Blackjack Films and Skydance have partnered up for the production of the series. Nick Santora (Scorpion, Breakout Kings) is the writer and the executive producer on FUBAR. 

He congratulates the winners 

Before jetting off to shoot FUBAR, he congratulated the winners of The Arnold Festival, Terrance Ruffin and Curry. Moreover, the actor praised Curry for his splendid marketing strategy that got a few chuckles from the crowd and the judges. 

With the production underway, you can expect the series to arrive soon.

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