WATCH: Walker Scobell Tests the Memory of the Adam Project Star Cast With Dialogues From Their Movies

WATCH: Walker Scobell Tests the Memory of the Adam Project Star Cast With Dialogues From Their Movies

The cast of The Adam Project sat down for a quick fun game with Walker Scobell, who plays the younger version of Ryan Reynolds in the Netflix movie. The camaraderie between the cast members—Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Ruffalo—is fun to watch as they rake their brains to remember their lines from their movies. As is evident from the clip, they all take their craft pretty seriously. Each one of them guessed their lines from the movie! Unsurprisingly, he easiest ones were Ryan Reynolds’ dialogues. 

Ryan’s dialogues do have a flavor to them, even in The Adam Project 

It didn’t take too long for the cast to guess whose line it was when it came to Ryan’s dialogues. Like Jennifer mentioned it has a certain “flavor” to it! All dialogues from Change Up to Detective Pikachu scream Ryan! The cast nodded laughing knowing immediately that it was Ryan when Walker read: Stuck in an elevator with guys on a high-protein diet. Great. Zoe was even ready to bet 10 dollars on it! Not only did Ryan say it in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he also wrote it. 

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Mark Ruffalo might just do a 5th amateur magician movie 

Did you know that Mark has been in four magician movies? When Walker spoke a line from Mark’s The Brothers Bloom Ryan blurted that it was from the magician movie, but he failed to guess the name.

And Mark revealed that he was partially correct, “You were thinking of the other magician movie of the three magician movies that I was in. It’s four magician movies that I’ve been in.” To this, the Red Notice fame star, suggested Mark should do an amateur magician movie next. So, who knows? We might get one in the future! 

Ryan knows Jennifer better than she knows herself

All The Adam Project actors but Ryan thought he uttered the lines: I want little fat kids with snub noses. They were surprised to know that it was Jennifer Garner’s line from The Invention of Lying! A happy Ryan exclaimed, “I know you better than you!”, which made everyone laugh. But the two were quick to guess Mark’s line from his film: You Can Count on Me. The duo revealed that it’s one of their favorite films.

Catch the magical chemistry between the cast by streaming The Adam Project on Netflix.

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