“They were finished with Will when…” Comedian Katt Williams Believes the Reason for Will Smith’s Downfall in Hollywood Originates From One of His Children

“They were finished with Will when…” Comedian Katt Williams Believes the Reason for Will Smith’s Downfall in Hollywood Originates From One of His Children

Everyone in the world who knows Will Smith now knows about the Oscar incident. Because of the incident, the actor had to go through many hurdles in his personal and professional life. People created many theories and presumed many reasons for Smith’s behavior. Now, Katt Williams, a renowned stand-up comedian, shared a different insight behind Smith’s temper.

While on stage, Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s alopecia. Will couldn’t resist his anger, walked up to the stage and slapped Chris. Because of this incident, the Academy banned the King Richard star from attending any Academy events. While people have been analyzing from their own lenses, this comedian also has an insight.

The reason behind the fall of Will Smith may be one of his children

As surprising as it sounds, comedian Katt Williams has theorized the root cause of the incident is Smith’s youngest son, Jaden Smith. As the Men in Black star had admitted way before this incident, he would force none of his children to choose acting as their career. Later, when he launched Jaden in one of his evergreen movies titled The Pursuit of Happyness, Smith admitted of Jaden had to go through the audition. He had to prove to everyone else as well that he was worthy of the chance. After that, we saw Jaden in The Karate Kid and a sci-fi film, After Earth.

Jaden Smith, Williams believes, is the reason for Smith’s downfall. He peeled many layers of the incident. Williams said he was in the production business and knew what was worth doing to cancel one black guy. He believed it was all a setup to put Smith in a situation where it seemed he acted impulsively.

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Contrary to others’ opinions, Williams didn’t believe the trigger point of the Aladdin star was his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. In fact, he sympathized with her and added it was a true tragedy what Jada had to go through in that scenario.

Therefore, he shared his feelings about Hollywood, heavily discouraging Smith from doing movies with his son, Jaden. “They had decided that they were finished with Will when he did After Earth with Jaden because there was no way they were gonna let Jaden on,” said Williams.

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Despite the I, Robot star apologizing for his behavior at the Oscars, he would still have to go through more than we can imagine. Do you believe in Katt Williams’ theory? Share your opinions here in the comment box.

6 thoughts on ““They were finished with Will when…” Comedian Katt Williams Believes the Reason for Will Smith’s Downfall in Hollywood Originates From One of His Children

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    Muneera Khair
    September 21, 2022 at 12:46 pm

    None of this banning, revoking memberships, and sanctions wouldn’t have happened if Will Smith was a white man, none of the outrage or shock would have happened. There would have been a light, obligatory suspension of membership and the “e-apology” which would be graciously accepted. There would be no “Slap Heard Around the World” nonsense, the Victorian gasping and fainting on plastic covered chaise would be happening and it all would have blown over on Wednesday. I also strongly suggest turmoil in his private life had started to get to him as Jada loves nothing more than pushing his buttons.

  2. Reply
    September 21, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    For what it’s worth…I think that the “real” Will Smith is a stand up guy. I think we’re witnessing the demise of the world within his marriage dynamics that he’s compromised Will Smith for.

    If what’s been shared and lived out (in and out of the public eye) is true; being Will is Christian, Jada is not… Will has a “No Divorce “ policy, but Jada does share that same core value; coupled with indiscretions and other people within the marriage creates a force of magnitude and traumatic portions that catches momentum.

    Now bringing children into that lifestyle without appropriate boundaries is anything but happiness and security within the confines of marriage. Then, sadly children become products of their environment; healthy or not.

    The high level of success blurs one’s vision. Success in one area of life somehow makes one think they’re successful in all areas within their lives; solely based on net worth, bank accounts and popular demand. People crave you and want to be you and with you. Your dreams appear to be coming true, so by all standards life is good.

    THEN…why do I feel so badly? Why do I have everything, but really nothing; at least nothing that gives me happiness…peace? That’s because what one thought I had to give up in exchange for my dreams and my wants…was obtained in a manner that’s took my dreams away; seized my peace.

    I felt I had to go against the stock I was made from. In order to have what I thought I had…I compromise ME…..

  3. Reply
    September 22, 2022 at 5:57 am

    Chris Rock was *not* making fun of Jada’s alopecia. He did not know she had it. He was making fun of her being bald as she was in GI Jane. Hence the joke. It was an innocent mistake. Not everyone pays attention to minor or even major celebrity’s medical conditions. Chris Rock included.

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    September 22, 2022 at 6:20 am


  5. Reply
    September 22, 2022 at 9:54 am

    Katt Williams don’t know what the f*** he’s talking about it’s incredible to me that you give someone a platform to say absolutely nothing

  6. Reply
    September 28, 2022 at 8:52 am

    Katt Williams has come up with the best explanation for Will Smith behavior as a whole. Whether he is right or wrong we’ll find out one day but as far as do I believe what he’s saying absolutely. Katt Williams is a very smart and articulate person despite him being a comedian he has more stories than you can think of and not stars as far as being fixed no but factual ass stories you can look up and he also has a problem with telling the truth is on detriment so I think he’s speaking on something he knows rather than something he’s just saying here and I think instead of just just missing him because who you think he is or what you think he is just know that usually he knows.

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