‘The Ultimatum’: April Marie and Jake Cunningham’s Social Media Convince the Fans of the Couple’s Split

‘The Ultimatum’: April Marie and Jake Cunningham’s Social Media Convince the Fans of the Couple’s Split

One of the couples we all loved from Netflix’s hit reality couple shows The Ultimatum was April and Jake. We all know that the couple was going through a rough patch after April wanted to settle down, but Jake was unsure. Thus, April issued the ultimatum to the show. However, since the show’s reunion episode is still not aired. Fans have been theorizing whether they remained together or not?

We feel they might have broken up. Let us try to see if that’s the case.

Are April and Jake from The Ultimatum still together?

Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa, host the show, which comes from the creator of Love Is Blind, and it follows a cast of six couples as they decide whether to marry or stop their relationship. They momentarily separate and date another partner before returning to their original couple to aid with the decision-making process and offer us some wonderful TV.

Fans have speculated that April and Jake did not make it through the experiment and have split up ahead of the finale. Followers who were paying attention saw that they were no longer following each other on social media and wondered why.

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Jake and Rae?

Jake became close to Rae Williams, who gave boyfriend Zay Wilson an ultimatum, shortly after the experiment premiered on the streaming site last week.

They seemed to have an immediate connection and became inseparable, casting doubt on their prior relationships. In a recent interview, they have subsequently spoken out about the sequences. And that they were not affectionate in unaired portions.

But Jake has denied all allegations of supposedly hooking up with Rae. He says, “Me and Rae were very respectful doing the whole situation,”

And as for Rae, she also supports the claim that things between them never went too far. “but we didn’t take it past kissing. And that was really important to both of us.”

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These are just theories and speculations. To confirm whether Jake and April pulled through, we all will have to wait till Wednesday. The Ultimatum will return on Wednesday for its reunion episode. Be sure to stream it only on Netflix.

Meanwhile, let us know if you ship Jake with April or Rae in the comments below.

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