What’s With the Metal Wine Glasses on ‘Love is Blind’ and ‘The Ultimatum’?

What’s With the Metal Wine Glasses on ‘Love is Blind’ and ‘The Ultimatum’?

As prevalent as it is, indecisiveness isn’t the mascot of Love is Blind, it is these wine glasses. From large celebrations to little gossip sessions, we have seen these metallic glasses everywhere.

Cast member Deepti Vempati talks about how the cast members are planning on getting matching tattoos of the glasses as a reminder of their time in the show. However, there’s a reason why the creators used these glasses, both stemmed and non-stemmed versions, throughout the show. It cannot always be a coincidence that these glasses end up even in cast members’ private homes.

Here are all our theories about the prevalence of the wine glasses in Love Is Blind.

Aesthetic appeal

Okay, this is the most obvious reason why the creators chose these glasses. They’re undeniably beautiful. Unlike the traditional transparent glasses, these glasses blend in perfectly with the contemporary aesthetic of the show. From the interior to the dressing, everything about the Netflix Original is perfectly tied to a single aesthetic. Hence, it only makes sense that the creators of the show chose these elegant metallic glasses instead of glass ones.


Now this one might need a little elaboration.

Most large brands have some thing or the other that serves as their mascot. It becomes a symbol over the course that users only come to recognize with the brand. For Netflix, it is a signature “tudum” noise at the beginning of episodes. The streaming service has named a whole website and event after it.

Similarly, for Love is Blind, it is the wine glasses that now serve as the mascot. The fact that the cast might get a tattoo of the glasses very soon is but proof of the same.

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Most of the fans of the Netflix series have come to accept that reality television doesn’t offer the most authentic viewership. A lot of the scenes are scripted. Most of them are cut and edited to show fans something appealing. After all, who would be interested in watching a show filled with awkward silences and conversations about the weather that are so prevalent in real life?

Hence, creators found a way to make the cast members look like they’re in their natural element by giving them something in their hands. As for the awkward conversations or anything else they don’t want fans seeing, they can easily edit out without the continuity breaking. How will fans know if the creators have cleverly cut a conversation in the middle? Especially, if they can’t see things like how much the cast member’s wine glass has been emptied?

We will also see more of these signature glasses, but in a different color in The Ultimatum on Netflix.

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