FIND OUT: Why Does Netflix Want a Crossover Between These Two Contestants From ‘The Ultimatum’ and ‘Love Is Blind’?

FIND OUT: Why Does Netflix Want a Crossover Between These Two Contestants From ‘The Ultimatum’ and ‘Love Is Blind’?

Netflix has no shortage of fun reality couple shows that are entertaining and incredibly binge-able. But sometimes, we do wonder what would happen if the contestants from different shows had a crossover. Well, it looks like Netflix too thinks about crossovers between two of its most popular shows, The Ultimatum and Love is Blind.

Recently Netflix just hinted a thought for a show with Madlyn and Shaina, and we are all for it!

The Ultimatum and Love is Blind crossover on Netflix

In a recent tweet by Netflix, they talked about the prospect of a show where two contestants from similar shows can come together and just react to stuff. Who are those contestants, you might ask? Well, it is none other than Madlyn from The Ultimatum, and Shaina from Love is Blind.

We all know Shaina from the hit Netflix show Love is Blind. She was rather infamous during the show’s second season for her dramatic decisions. She was unpopular among the masses for mishandling her love triangle with Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee. Also, her short engagement with fellow contestant Kyle Abrams was also a point of hot discussion.

And as for Madlyn, she is currently part of Netflix’s new couple show called The Ultimatum, a show in which couples’ love is put to the test.

For all those who do not know Madlyn, she works as an IT project manager for Nolan Transportation Group, one of North America’s leading logistics businesses, situated in Austin.

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Madlyn and Colby met in college and began dating. Colby was ready to take the next step in their relationship once they graduated. Madlyn, on the other hand, was less certain about their future and joined Colby on The Ultimatum.

Why the two of them?

You might wonder why Netflix wants a show with only two of them? That is because of the funny reactions that they have to stuff in the show. If you are an avid watcher of the shows you will know better how their reactions are the highlight of the episode. And Netflix wants to give fans more of that.

It is a fun idea for a show that Netflix should look into. Will you watch a show with the two of them?

Meanwhile do watch The Ultimatum to find out if Madlyn will say “Yes” or not

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